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Here Is The New Domain You Need

The new website is available with new user database of the users

Here Is The New Domain You Need

Kickass Torrents, the peer-to-peer file sharing website was taken down by the legal authorities back in 2016 is one of the most loveable portals. Unfortunately, the website was down after the legal conflict, and the users had to seek alternative on the net. But, it turned out that the Kickass staffers were not going to give up so easily, the team from the earlier website started a new domain for the users. This means if you don't know about the new then you were missing the real fun all these years.

In July 2016, the members from the original Kickass Torrents website teamed up together and started the portal under new domain However, the didn't have any torrent links for the users by that time. But later that year the group officially launched the Kickass Torrents under new URL offering all the working torrent links. The fully functional torrents look precisely the clone of the original website. The team is working day and night in order to make the capable giving the new domain the popularity of its predecessor. Now, you can access the new Kickass Torrents website via the domain name

The staffers have worked hard to resurrect the website and built it with a new user database. Besides, the trusted and renowned uploaders in the pirate community are also back with the The content on the website is fresh and get updated all the time for the users. You will find most of the viral content including movies over the

According to the current crew of the, you may experience some issues while loading the website due to the load on the servers. But, still, we have our Kickass Torrents back no matter if there are some server issues. So, if you are among those who were still missing the website, then you have the website URL now, go and visit the website.

Now, you don't have worry about the file or movie you are looking, and you can get it on a Kickass Torrents without going through the clickbait links on the web.

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