Top Mobile App Marketing Techniques To Make Your App Viral
mobile App marketing

Top Mobile App Marketing Techniques To Make Your App Go Viral

As per a report, around 60% of the searches are now from mobile devices.

Top Mobile App Marketing Techniques To Make Your App Go Viral

What does success mean in today’s app marketing world? Well, one school of thought used to herald installs as the pinnacle of success. Accordingly, earlier campaigns were primarily designed to drive app installs; what happened afterward was less of a focal point.

But now, app marketers are striving for engagement—people continuing to use an app, and they make sure to add their reviews on the app stores and the social media channels as well.

Therefore, it’s quite crucial to devise a well calculated mobile app marketing campaigns that offer more and more exposure to an app to ensure its success. A pre-launch app marketing strategy will also provide maximum exposure to the app as well.

Best Pre-launch Strategies For Mobile App Marketing

If you are juggling with a question like ‘How do you promote an app?’ ‘How do I start an app marketing?’ or ‘How do you market a mobile app?.’

Here are the top mobile app marketing techniques you need to succeed, both in terms of user acquisition and retention and learn how to market an app before it’s launched.

1. Know About the Target Market

Before jumping to devise a mobile app marketing campaigns for your mobile app, learn about your audience, and get to know about their interests and usage. Then only you will be able to create a marketing technique related to the app.

Every app has particular functionality that suits a bunch of people, and hence, it becomes critical to understand the demographics, psychographics, and habits of the target audience.

Know About the Target Market

2. Research About Your Competitors

Considering the competition in the mobile app development world, it’s high time that the companies keep track of their immediate competitors and know about the practices they follow. It will help the wisely communicate with their target audience and offer better mobile app marketing strategies.

Tips for searching the competitors:

  • Go beyond a Google search;
  • A survey will help;
  • Filter the social network;
  • Ask the customers, and more.

3. Make Your Landing Page captivating

By bringing the audience to your page is not enough. You need to capture them and mesmerize them to the extent that they get captivated and remember your page for a while. It may lead them to discuss the app with their friends and family, and ultimately, you will get more app downloads.

Make sure to place the elements like the app name, features, CTA, and a promo video on the landing page itself.

Make Your Landing Page captivating

People prefer the page which answers the following queries in less than three seconds:

  • The app name;
  • Features and functionalities;
  • The USP.

4. Make Your App Visible

Just releasing the app and get it listed on the app store won’t solve your purpose. It has to be visible to the targeted audience, and then only there will be app downloads, and for that, you need to follow the optimization process to rank it higher on the app store.

Following are the key elements that will help you to ring the right bells of ASO and make the right mobile app marketing strategies:

  • Title: The app title should be clear and related to the app’s functionality.
  • Description: In the app description, make sure to write about how the app will help the user with its features.
  • Icon: The icon of the app should match with the app’s essence and should be visible enough.
  • Screenshots: The screenshot offers the initial overview of your app, as the user won’t download the app just to see the app’s UI/UX.

5. Connect With Audience Over Social Networks

Social media is an excellent platform to advertise anything; be it an app or a product. If something is advertised on the social media platforms smartly with a well-researched marketing strategy, the chances are high that it will go viral immediately.

The other significant thing that comes along with social media is that the chance of reaching your potential customers is quite high. Again, social media is the right place to know about the users’ interests, hobbies, and more. And going forward, the information can be used to develop marketing strategies.

Connect With Audience Over Social Networks

For instance, you can customize the ads on Facebook because Facebook makes sure that ads are directed to potential users.

6. QR Codes

Quick Response (QR) codes saw a meteoric rise a few years ago, only to decline in popularity as they reached their saturation point. However, as one tech expert notes for Forbes, QR codes “might just have gotten a jolt in the arm” because Apple inserted an active QR reader into the camera app along with the latest iOS upgrade.

This built-in technology makes it significantly more convenient for mobile users to scan QR codes, meaning more people are likely to give it a try.

For app marketers, this puts QR codes back on the radar as a viable way to engage with new mobile users. The key is maximizing convenience by sending people directly to the installation phase. Thus, it only takes one or two more taps for mobile users to engage in the desired action: installing your app.

7. Programmatic Advertising

App marketers have more access to user data than ever, including demographics, in-app behavior, device information, and more. Programmatic advertising allows marketers to put this data to good use by delivering personalized ads to mobile users.

Instead of having to assemble these dynamic ads manually, artificial intelligence algorithms can now do so automatically based on user data. The result is mobile users seeing app marketing strategies suited to their lifestyle preferences and mobile devices.

Programmatic Advertising

These ads can also target mobile users with a higher likelihood of engaging based on their similarities to a currently active user base, driving engagement rather than shot-in-the-dark installs.

8. Re-Engagement

One of the significant challenges of app marketing is user retention. An install up front does not necessarily guarantee continued engagement over time, as nearly one-fourth of users launch an app just once; 62 percent of mobile users will use an app fewer than 11 times.

So how can marketers avoid devoting a large chunk of their advertising budgets to acquiring users who fail to engage meaningfully after their initial action?

The mobile app marketing campaigns and app re-engagement ad campaigns utilize the same basic principles as programmatic ads for acquisition, but they target dormant users with messaging meant to re-engage them in the app funnel.

For example, a shopper on an e-commerce app who abandoned their cart would see a targeted advertisement featuring previously viewed products. These re-engagement ads give mobile users the nudge they need to pick up where they left off, thus driving conversions.

9. Referral Marketing

In today’s competitive app market, differentiating your app is crucial to driving installs and building up your user base. But making your app available in the marketplace isn’t enough on its own, considering there is an increasing number of apps vying for mobile users’ attention.

One way to stand out from the pack is to focus on establishing social proof via word-of-mouth marketing. For example, user-generated ratings and reviews factor into people’s decision to install an app or not.

Referral Marketing

Encouraging users to take the time to leave their feedback will help your app gain credibility in the eyes of potential installers. Using a plug-in, marketers can prompt users to review their app—just make sure your push notifications occur at a conducive time, so they don’t become a hindrance.

These four app marketing tips work together to help your overall efforts succeed so you can better monetize your app.

10. Create Viral Video Content

If we consider the last five years, the consumption of videos has soared considerably. As per a report, humans tend to remember visual thing more as compared to audio content.

Therefore, it is the best way to market your app, as it will swiftly spread the intended work about an app in no time. Also, to make the video more relatable with the audience, try to embed famous personalities or heroes into the video, and the result will be stunning.

For an app promo video, keep the length short and make the content crisp, while focusing on the app’s best features. Do remember to add an enticing call to action as well.

By adding subtitles, you will be adding more value to your app video, as more and more people prefer to watch a video on a mute mode while in a public place. Therefore, if your app makes sense on a mute mode, you have done a fantastic job.

Time to Plan

Today, the advertisers and marketers have access to data that was earlier invisible or wasn’t available on the public platforms, but now, there is no dearth of data, and this data can be further used to plan the app marketing strategies.

Apart from following the conventional ways, do jump to new opportunities and challenges to add some extra touch to your app. Also, do consider the users’ behavior towards apps similar to yours, as every detail is vital.

For more insights into app marketing tips, do comment below, and we at MobileAppDaily will get back to you ASAP.


Today there are hundreds of app development companies who are targeting the same target audience; therefore, there is no chance of error and to make up for it, the mobile app marketing companies need to devise a flawless app marketing strategy that work in all spheres.
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