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Gilad Bechar, Moburst Founder and CEO, steamrolled Moburst to the top of the mobile app industry. In an exclusive interview with MobileAppDaily, Gilad doles out his idea of app marketing and how he is going to take it forward.

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1) Please take our audience through your background?

I have always been fascinated by technology and new ideas. Early on, I realized that even the best ideas need to be marketed and have their story told. I gained experience working with some of the best in the mobile marketing industry, before going on to found Moburst 6 years ago. Since then, the company has grown tremendously, and I’ve had the privilege of mentoring others both through the Microsoft Accelerator and university lecturing.

2) What’s the story behind Moburst? What sets you apart from your competitors?

Moburst has kept far ahead of mobile marketing trends, in large part due to the incredible team at the company. We’ve put together leaders in mobile marketing, and have shown phenomenal results over a long period. Early on, we understood the importance of ASO, which we’re world leaders in, and our culture encourages creativity, thinking out of the box, and performance for our clients. Moburst has grown to count as client companies like Google, Samsung, and many other global brands.

3) What role does the professional background of a founder play in the development of a Startup & how did it help you?

The professional background of a founder is fundamental, though equally important is his or her personality, skill set, and leadership style. I am lucky to be mentored by the best in the business and try to pass on the same to our team.

4) How have the clients’ demands evolved?

 At first, clients were trying to figure this mobile thing out. There was a lot of confusion, and mobile marketing was often either an afterthought or pushed by a maverick with no buy-in from others in the company. Today, the problem is the opposite: how do you differentiate yourself in a crowded field? That’s a big part of the value-add that we offer our clients.    

5) What is the most challenging aspect of app marketing you encounter daily? How do you resolve the same?

This answer follows from the last one. To survive today, you have to stand out. You can have the best product in the world, but that’s no guarantee that users will find you. We resolve this through groundbreaking creativity, experiences we’ve had in other areas, and a systematic approach that builds on our success.

6) Does your scope of work include only end-to-end marketing collaterals, or do you also collaborate as an extension to in-house marketing teams?

We do both. It depends a lot on the client and their particular needs.

7) Who do you feel demands higher resource allocation at your end, between enterprises & startups?

Great question. Again, this differs from company to company. We’ve worked with startups that needed a ton of input, as well as those that were pretty seamless and demanded almost no extra resources. Same with enterprises, I think it just depends. Either way, we’re happy to do whatever is required by our clients to ensure their success.    

8) Have you encountered a use case where organic Appstore user reach beats paid channels?

 We have. It’s rare, of course, but we have seen it. Generally, we craft campaigns so that paid channels add leverage and momentum to organic reach.    

9) What upcoming shifts in marketing should Appreneurs bear in mind before getting to work?

I see two significant trends that Appreneurs need to stay on top of. One, App Store Optimization and Conversion Rate Optimization (ASOCRO) are going to grow even bigger and become a more significant part of any budget or campaign. Two, less-used channels are going to become mainstream. Things like placements in streamed content are going to become a thing for apps, just like they have for physical goods. 

10) Where do you see Moburst in the next five years?

In five years, Moburst will still be delighting our clients, thinking out of the box, breaking new ground, and leveraging technology to increase performance. I think the DNA of a company doesn’t change, nor would we want to. The trends, the technology will have changed significantly, and Moburst will be ahead of the pack.


a. Even the best ideas need to be marketed and have their story told.
b. App development companies need to understand the significance of ASO.
c. The professional background of a founder is fundamental
d. It’s crucial to be differentiated in the industry.
e. To ensure the client’s success, the app development company needs to give it all.
f. Placements in streamed content are vital for the apps.


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