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The AI Equipped Chat Bots Will Let You Talk To The Dead

Developers bring the dead back to life with AI Chatbots AI Equipped Chat Bots Will Let You Talk To The Dead

“Hell is empty and all the devils are here”, the popular quote from Shakespeare, imagine learning the meaning of these words directly from the verse-maker. Yes, the technology could do that by making you chat with the dead poets and getting all your answers.

Chatbots are emerging as the other Artificial Intelligence influenced area that can offer unimagined assistance. AI is being used by the developers to built chatbots that are capable of delivering knowledge of the great men that are no longer alive. In the coming time we will see AI-chatbots will imbibe the mannerism and views of archaic legends.


A chatbot named Shakespeare was developed at the Hackathon organized by Techcrunch in San Francisco that interact with the user quoting poet’s quotes. Developers used all the poems and writings available open-source and extracted the famous lines and quotes from such writings. All the lines and quotes are compiled into a large database by the creators to process the chat. By using the AI technology and machine learning developers made the app capable of understanding the lines and replying to the user via them.

Shakespeare not only speaks to you but also use the words from the Bard of Avon.

"I would add more famous personalities, like Galileo, Newton, Darwin, Einstein, and Gandhi, or other famous authors, or even people you know.”, said Krishna Srinivasan the co-creator of the app.


The AI is not only used by the developers to share literature work ,but also being used to re create or bring departed celebs to life. Luka, a Russia based startup built an archetype of  a private musician Prince, who died in 2016. The AI-powered chatbot uses the singer's albums and its lyrics available information from interviews and other available sources to perform instant chat with the users.

Another key example of AI innovation, Dr. Hossein Rahnama of Ryerson University is working with the MIT Media Lab on digitally built afterlife technology called ‘augmented eternity’. The ‘augmented-eternity’ chatbot will use the data developed by a human being  via- emails, messages, tweets and any published work add them into an artificial neural network. With the help of data and AI the chatbot model is able to imitate the natural expression by processing and cloning the complex thought pattern.


Artificial technology holds the potential to turn every idea into a reality, for critics this also includes the destructive ones posing a future threat to the human race in the future. It’s too early to say, how AI will affect our future, however the technology on its way to revolutionize the contemporary technology.  The incident at Facebook's research center, AI communicating in a coded language to each other indicates how powerful the technology is.

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