Vignette App Launched For Apple Users To Personalise Contacts Pics Via Social Media

Turn the gray boxes of your contact lists into a color picture.

Vignette App Launched For Apple Users

What you need to know about the Vignette app

  • Vignette is a handy app for arranging iOS contact photos
  • It is created by Casey Liss, who is popular at Accidental podcast
  • The iOS photo apps directly pick photos from the social media platforms integration
  • It is free to try and later on you can opt for a one-time $5 in-app purchase
  • The app focuses on privacy and never uploads or stored contacts from your device.

Everyone saves the details of the contacts in a hurry. No one likes to edit them. Adding a profile picture of the contact is surely fun but it is a very time taking process.

Casey Liss, an independent developer, noticed this void and launched a new handy app for new iOS contacts. The new iOS photograph app for contacts,Vignette, enables the user to update the contact pictures in one batch. 

This is how Casey Liss describes the new handy app for iOS contacts in the App store,


The Vignette app directly picks photos from your own photo library or from social media profiles of the person, and to this, the new handy app searches for contacts in email and Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter’s integration. It would be great if it could add more integration from the rest of the social media apps as well.
Then email addresses of the contacts are matched against the avatar service provider, Gravatar. If the app sourced out the profile on one of these platforms then it indicates editing the iOS contacts photos.

Currently, the Vignette app does not have a wide reach. On asking about the purpose of a handy app for iOS photos, the developer, Casey Liss, responded jokingly, “it’s for me.”
He further added,

Developers of the Vignette app indicated the scope of improvement in the future that includes the contact duplication indicator and improved Facebook integration. Many users are also demanding the integration of LinkedIn into the iOS contact photos app.

Vignette app interface

Vignette app is free to download from the Apple App store and you can try the matching process of the app for free and later opt-in for a one-time $5 in-app purchase to see the updated list of your iOS contacts.

The app was created in three months into the time period. The app has been launched at the perfect time, just a few days earlier than Apple WWDC 2019 and we can expect to see the latest updates of iOS apps at the tech giant’s annual conference.

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