Twitter Circle bug exposes private posts to unintended audience

Many Twitter users have reported that their Circle tweets have been surfacing on the For You timeline. This is a serious concern for those who post complaints about their job and gossip about their crush.

Twitter Circle bug exposes private posts to unintended audience

It has come to light that there is a bug in the system that could potentially breach the privacy of your supposedly exclusive tweets. Multiple users have reported that their Circle tweets, which are meant to only reach a select group of followers, have been surfacing on the For You timeline. 

This means that your private posts could reach unintended audiences, potentially sparking some uncomfortable situations. Many users have confirmed this glitch. While Circle tweets mostly surfaced to users who follow the poster but are not in their Circle, others have reported that their Circle tweets are reaching even further than that. 

This is a serious concern for those who post complaints about their job, gossip about their crush, or even explicit content. The source code behind Twitter's recommendation algorithm has been revealed, and some creators have hypothesized that the sourcing model is surfacing private content, but these tweets are not adequately being filtered out. 

Unfortunately, Twitter's public relations team has been laid off, making it impossible to confirm this theory. However, Elon Musk, Twitter's owner, has recently stated that their initial release of the algorithm may have a lot of mistakes, but they will fix them quickly. 

This bug in the Twitter Circle has been present for months, with Circle tweets often showing up without the green banner that indicates they're only shared with a select audience. While this was concerning, the glitch that exposes private tweets is even more dangerous. 

It is important to be extra careful about what you post on Twitter. Even if you think a select group is only seeing your private musings, they may not be as private as you think. This is a reminder to all social media users to be mindful of what they share on public platforms. Let's hope Twitter resolves this issue soon to protect the privacy of its users.

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