5 Must-Have Skills For A Successful Mobile App Developer in 2019
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Vital Skills For Successful Android And iOS Mobile App Developers

Know what are the crucial skills everyone looks for in mobile app developers in 2019.

Vital Skills For Successful Android And iOS Mobile App Developers

At present, the competition in the tech industry is neck-to-neck and the continuous growth in the mobile app development sector is only contributing to this competition. This has further directly impacted the state of the web as well as mobile app development developers.

This is one of the main reasons why we are stating the most essential skills that are by both Android and iOS mobile app developers must possess to stay ahead in the race.

The demand for more advanced gadgets and mobile applications is on a constant rise and in order to keep up with that pace, the blockchain mobile app developers also need to brush up their existing skill set. Without further ado, let’s take a look at the mobile app developer skills that are now essential requirements in the industry.

Skills Of A Successful Mobile App Developer In 2019

Here is the list of some of the most crucial mobile application development skills that are required by the mobile app developers to become successful:

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1. Advance UI/UX Skills

We can say that one of the main objectives of building a mobile application is to create an app that can capture the attention of the target audience. This can be done by making the mobile app visually appealing and adding functionalities that can help users in solving their queries.

To make an attractive application, it is very important for a mobile app developer to have a great understanding of mobile app UX design. The app developers should aim to gain maximum user engagement possible by designing and developing an app that is liked by the majority of their user base.

2. Agile Methodology Expertise

We recently discussed the role of Agile Methodology in redefining the industry of mobile application development in one of our previous articles. In simple words, agile methodology can be defined as a widely-known set of software development methods that are used to make the mobile app development process more simple and uniform in nature.

To make the process of app development systematic, efficient mobile app developers often opt for the agile scrum method. Today in order to become a successful mobile app developer, you should hold experience in agile practices and Scrum methodology. A few examples of such agile methodologies are DSDM (Dynamic Systems Development Method), Scrum, XP (Xtreme Programming) and many more.

3. Cross-Platform Application Development

It’s 2019 and cross-platform mobile app development is still one of the most sought-after mobile app developer skills. The days when mobile app developers needed to choose between one mobile application development platform i.e. Android app development & iOS app development are long gone. Now, it's all about cross-platform app development that acts like the best of both worlds option for the developers.

So instead of picking one mobile app development platform, the app developers should now opt for cross-platform app development. This choice will benefit the developers more in terms of career prospects with respect to both Android and iOS.

As an emerging mobile app developer, these are some of the main reasons why instead of picking one app development platform, you should go for the option of cross-platform app development.

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Choosing a cross-platform mobile app development platform also has many other advantages, which are, Reduced Costs, Higher Speed, Time-Saving, Reusable Code, and Easier Implementation.

4. Knowledge Of Cybersecurity

Nowadays, cyber attacks and cybersecurity threats have become a regular occurrence in the mobile app industry. Due to this, mobile app developers should consider learning about the basic cybersecurity guidelines that are currently being followed in their location or region.

Knowing about cybersecurity practices is also essential because the majority of mobile app development companies have clients that are from different parts of the world which have diverse rules & regulations by their respective governments. Apart from this, the importance of the step of app security integration speaks for itself.

For example, banking and finance apps are some of the most popular mobile apps when it comes to cybersecurity threats and malware attacks.

5. Expertise in Multiple Programming Languages

There was a time when aspiring app and software developers were advised to just learn one programming language properly instead of learning the basics of various programming languages. But now the times have changed! It is now recommended that mobile app developers must have multiple programming languages in their skillset instead of just one programming language.

Each and every programming language has its own different characteristics that can be useful in certain app development projects. Having command over more than one programming language gives you an extra edge over other mobile application developers.

Mobile App Developer Skills

Some of the most widely used programming languages are as follows:

  • For Android platform: Java, Python, C#, Javascript, and PHP
  • For iOS platform: Objective-C and Swift.

Some Additional Mobile App Development Skills To Look Out For

It is essential to understand that technical expertise alone doesn’t make a successful mobile app developer. There are certain personality traits and skills that ultimately shape a good app developer. Have a look!

  • A successful mobile app developer always offers a quick turnaround to the clients.
  • Another thing that helps in building clients' trust in the app developer is their proven track record which can validate their work experience.
  • As an efficient mobile app developer, one should be flexible enough to take forward the challenges that are put forward by the clients with ease.
  • One of the main responsibilities for a mobile application developer is to design and develop an app with respect to the preferences of the targeted audience.
  • Last but not least, an app developer should have a creative as well as a curious mind that is always ready to adapt to new technology trends and app development practices.

Final Thoughts

The field of web and mobile app development is now a mainstream profession that is constantly growing and improving with each passing day. This rate of growth also contributes to the high competition that the mobile app developers are currently facing in the industry.

In addition to the above-mentioned points, a mobile app developer should also keep themselves updated with the latest technologies and emerging trends in their respective sectors. It is also a great option for app developers to take part in well-known certification programs.

We really hope that this article on key mobile app development skills provides you with some valuable insights on how to become a successful mobile app developer. In case you are interested in reading more such articles make sure to follow MobileAppDaily for new updates.

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