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Samsung Android Pie Based One UI Rescheduled for Galaxy S9 And More

Galaxy S9 owners have to wait a bit more for the update

Samsung Android Pie Based One UI Rescheduled for Galaxy S9 And More

Samsung has rescheduled Android Pie-based One UI for its Samsung Galaxy S9 and galaxy S9+, just a day after rolling out the update.

Samsung now plans to release Android Pie for Galaxy Note 9 in February. The tech giant will also release the Pie update for its mid-range A-series and J-series smartphones.

Here are the details.

Galaxy Note 9 To Get One UI update In February 

Against its earlier plans to release One UI Galaxy Note 9 in January, Samsung will now roll out the update in February.

The list also mentions that S9 and S9+ will get the Android Pie update by January. 

One UI For Mid-Range Smartphones 

Samsung has updated its Members App to highlight the release of One UI for its cheaper or mid-range smartphones.

As per the plan, the latest Galaxy A8, A8+, A7 and A9 will get Android Pie in April whereas Galaxy J4, J4+, J6, J6+, and A8 Star will be updated with the version in May.

Galaxy Tab devices are expected to get streamlined somewhere in October. 

What Is One UI

Android Pie-based One UI takes certain design clue from Samsung Experience and packs the Android Pie with its new Material Theme Design.

What Is One UI

Samsung’s new UX is not just bound to mere design, but it also changes the way you interact with the software to make it simpler to use.

The UI aims to offer one-handed usage by exploiting the upper part of the display for viewing while keeping the lower part for touch interaction. 

Early Android 9 Update? 

The latest update has come to Samsung devices a lot more quickly than previous versions of Android.

While the update schedule for Samsung still lags behind smartphones like Nokia, OnePlus and HTC, Samsung is getting faster at issuing Android updates.

Previously, Galaxy S8 owners had to wait seven months for the Oreo update to be available for their devices, and Android Nougat took five months to arrive on Galaxy S7. 

Android 9 Pie Arrives On Huawei And Honor Devices 

Android 9 Pie was released in August this year and was only available for Google Pixel smartphones. Now Android 9 is arriving on Huawei and Honor devices like Huawei P20, P20 Pro, Honor 10, Mate 10, 10 Pro, Honor Play, and View 10. 

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