Star Wars - Your Bridge to The Galaxy Far Far Away

“The force is strong with this one!” This official Star Wars app includes selfie filters, sound effects, GIFs and more.

Updated on April 05, 2024
Star Wars - Your Bridge to The Galaxy Far Far Away

Yes! We are talking about the official Star Wars app designed just for the diehard fans of the Star Wars universe. Star Wars news, game updates, show updates, selfie filters, sound effects, themed weather notifications, and more, the Star Wars app includes everything.

The official Star Wars app offers features such as Jedi filters, force trainer, lightsaber game, iconic sound effects such as Voice of Chewbacca, Breathing of Darth Vader, and more. You can also find a collection of famous Star Wars quotes and other fun blogs like the same. Moreover, this beautiful app has followed perfect UI design guidelines to make it super interesting for Star Wars enthusiasts.

In this app review, we are going through detailed Star Wars official app features and discussing them in-depth. Moreover, we will also do an in-depth Star Wars app review with the consideration of factors such as UI, UX, features, and security.

What is this official Star Wars app about?

Do not confuse it with a mobile game, even though it has a short lightsaber game, it is still not a game. The app has a UI designed to keep users from any side be it Dark, Jedis, Rebels, Droids, or Neutrals. You can use the Star Wars app to capture selfies with your favorite filters. Or, you can explore a huge range of GIFs, Emojis, stickers, and more. We will discuss detailed features of this amazing app further for your reference.

Features of the Disney Star Wars app

Star Wars app is a portal you install into your phone that connects you with the possibilities of this universe consisting of several planets and galaxies. Now, to understand how let’s read its in-depth features.

1. Dive into the world of Star Wars with selfies

star wars

This one of the best selfie apps includes multiple filters, including Jedi, Rebel, Dark Side, and Droids. You can pick the one you want amongst this range of Star Wars selfies and show off your side of the force to fellow Star Wars members.

2. Keep a track of everything that is happening in the Star Wars Universe

star wars

With the Star Wars news feature, you can never miss any important updates the Star Wars universe has for you. Any new show or movie based on the Star Wars universe is coming? You will get a notification. Moreover, this best news app makes the reading experience interesting with its unique interface.

3. Iconic audio quotes and sound effects

star wars

From Chewbacca's laugh to Darth Vader’s breathing, the Star Wars app includes a range of sound effects you might have not known that you needed. It also includes quotes from iconic Star Wars characters.

4. Get matched with a planet with weather conditions same as around you

star wars

This one of the top weather apps does not simply inform about the temperature but also gives you an insight into planets from the Star Wars universe that might have the same weather conditions. You know, this info might come in handy if you are planning to leave for the space trip!

5. Unlock exclusive Star Wars content

star wars

No more opening YouTube to look for new Star Wars-related trailers and videos. Simply open the app, explore the content and play whatever you see there. The app includes exclusive Star Wars news announcements, trailers, and more.

Pros and Cons of the Star Wars app

Just like any other app, the Star Wars app has its dark and light sides as well. Let’s have a look and see which side has the force in its favor!

Pros of Star Wars app

  • Exclusive access to Star Wars content like trailers, blogs, videos, and more
  • Have fun with GIFs, stickers, and more Star Wars-themed fun content
  • Download iconic quotes by iconic Star Wars characters and sound effects
  • Official Star Wars news and blogs for you to read
  • Integrated selfie feature with Star Wars-themed getups

Cons of Star Wars app

  • Requires internet connection

The minimum configuration needed to run the Star Wars app on Earthly devices

star wars

MAD Ratings

Features - 4.8
Navigation - 4.9
UI/UX - 4.8
Security - 4.5

“May the force be with you”

To Conclude this review, we can also talk about how Disney and the Star Wars universe are working together to target mobile app users and gamers. There are many other apps released to target Star Wars fans such as Disney+, Disney Now, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes, and more.

Star Wars app does not simply offer news and blogs, but it also makes sure that using it never gets boring for Star Wars fans. With filters such as Jedi fallen order outfits or emojis such as lightsaber emoji, one can never get bored.

If you are a new developer and planning to build an app, you can take inspiration from the Star Wars app and follow concepts that make a mobile app evergreen. For a better prediction of the user behavior towards your app, you can also get your app reviewed by experts or real users. It will help you in predicting the possible growth rate of your mobile app in the future.

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