Voice Recorder Lily: Digitally Smart Voice Editor

Transform your basic voice recordings with the PRO version of Voice Recorder Lily

Updated on February 06, 2020
Voice Recorder Lily: Digitally Smart Voice Editor

Voice Recording seems to be a basic function that now comes pre-installed in the majority of smartphones.

But, the thing is...those in-built voice recorders cannot be described as a ‘Smart’ voice recorder that can do a bunch of other tasks instead of just recording the voice in a boring and old-fashioned manner.

And that’s what we have for you today, a digital voice recorder application, Voice Recorder Lily that can effectively record your voice, dictate it and even act as your go-to audio editor. Keep on reading this app review to know what else Voice Recorder Lily has to offer its users.

About Voice Recorder Lily

We are now more dependent on smartphones than ever. And in situations when you don't have access to a notebook to jot down your ideas, using a voice recorder can be the best solution. In such times, Voice Recorder Lily can turn out to be a quick and easy answer to this query.


The logo of the Voice Recorder Lily app is simplistic in nature and consists of the ‘trending’ UI design approach i.e. the gradient. The background is what catches the eye but the central bold white ‘Lily’ is what shows the direct connection with the name of the app.

Notable Features Offered By Voice Recorder Lily App

Here are the key features offered by this Voice Recorder Editor to its users:

  • Noise Cancellation: Just plug in your headphones and enjoy the recorded sound without any sort of unwanted noises.
  • Custom Recording: You have the option to choose a suitable recording length, that’s when Voice Recorder Lily will stop and save your voice recording.
  • Volume Enhancement: If in case the voice recorder is far from the speaker, the smart recorder app will enhance volume as per your preference.
  • Save time: Users can easily listen to a recording at a rate that is 2.5 times faster than the original recording pace without any noise distortion.
  • Bookmarking: The digital voice recorder offers its users with bookmarks so that they can return to certain points of interest, whenever they want.
  • Elimination of Silence Gaps: Voice Recorder Lily app cuts of silence gaps from your recording. It is one of the key features as in most of the voice recordings the silence periods take about 30 percent of the overall record space.

Subscription Plans Offered by Voice Recorder Lily

Below are the subscription plans offered by this Smart Recorder application in its Lily Pro version:

1. Lily Pro version for 1 month: Users need to pay $0.99 per month in the USA or the equivalent amount depending on the country of their account App Store.

2. Lily Pro version for 3 months: Users need to pay $2.49 in the USA or the equivalent amount depending on the country of their account App Store.

3. Lily Pro version for 1 year: Users need to pay $7.99 in the USA or the equivalent amount depending on the country of their account App Store.

lilly app review

The Verdict

Design- 4 stars
Support- 3.5 stars
Usability- 4 stars
Features- 4 stars

MAD Rates: 4 stars

As per our Voice Recorder Lily app review, it is one of the smartest voice recorders that are currently available for iPhone that provides its users with functionalities like removing noise while recording directly. Apart from this, if you still have some unanswered queries then feel free to check out the below-mentioned FAQ section.

In addition to this, we hope the app review on Voice Recorder Lily application provided you with all the necessary insights about this digital voice recorder app. But in case you have any doubts regarding the other features offered by this Smart Voice Recorder app, just leave a comment down below and our team of experts will get back to you at the earliest.


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