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Updated on July 23, 2020

Reading books is a passion for many, but with the changing work scenario, it becomes a task to take out time, buy a book, and devote hours to complete it. To tackle this issue, many people juggle during the traveling and break time to compensate for their passion.

Blinkist is an ideal app for such people. This educational app comes with the key insights of 2,500+ bestselling nonfiction books that can be covered in 15-minute time.

"Blinkist offers a terrific service – great ideas distilled down to their very essence. For those of us who are deeply curious about new ideas on success, happiness, innovation, progress and more, it’s a great start." - Forbes

Blinkist App Review

What Blinkist App Can Do

To start, download the app and sign up.

Blinkist is one of the best book summary app for the entrepreneurship, self-development, life hacking, and science genres. From its collection of over 2500 e-books, the user can read and listen to the short summaries in less than 15 minutes.

To churn out a 15-minute summary, Blinkist app's team goes through the book, takes out the key insights, and explicitly explains them in a crisp, concise manner. Every such insight that is pulled out is called a 'blink'.

The educational app offers some of the excellent features which compliment the user in many ways.

Notable features of the Blinkist App

  • Time saver: With Blinkist app, you can save time by focusing on the books and topics that interest you, rather than picking up books which you may not like.
  • Playlist customization: You can create personal audio playlists to customize the learning experience and listen to book summaries accordingly.
  • Cost-effective tool: This app helps you save money which you may spend on buying a new book and if we see collectively, for around 100 books, the cost escalates quickly.
  • Available in various formats: For ease of the user, the app is available in formats like audio and ebook.
  • Content highlighting: While reading, if you wish to highlight a certain part as we do it with a highlighter on our regular books, the app lets the reader highlight a particular section of a book. 

Walkthrough Of The Blinkist App

The Blinkist app team read the books, highlight the key points, and explains the crux to the readers and listeners. Besides helping the user with the overview of the book, Blinkist app is also helpful in making up the mind before investing more time in the book.

Although the Blinkist notification book is designed to work on the smartphone, with its web app, the user can read books on the computer as well. For better integration of the app, Blinkist is made available on iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon. Going further, the user can log in into this app using their email or Facebook account.

Book Genres In Blinkist App

To caters to the need of people from all genres. The Blinkist app is packed with 19 different categories like non-fiction, psychology, sales, economics, self-help, etc. You can check out the complete list here.

Popular Books Of Blinkist

Following are the top 10 books that are most read titles by the app community:

  1. Never Lose A Customer Again
    • Author: Joey Coleman
    • Crux: Turn Any Sale Into Lifelong Loyalty in 100 Days
    • Time: 12-minute read
  2. Company of One
    • Author: Paul Jarvis
    • Crux: Why Staying Small Is the Next Big Thing for Business
    • Time: 18-minute read
  3. Good People, Bad Managers
    • Author: Samuel A. Culbert
    • Crux: How Work Culture Corrupts Good Intentions
    • Time: 13-minute read
  4. Never Get a “Real” Job
    • Author: Scott Gerber
    • Crux: How to Dump Your Boss, Build a Business and Not Go Broke
    • Time: 13-minute read
  5. The Bitcoin Standard
    • Author: Saifedean Ammous
    • Crux: The Decentralized Alternative to Central Banking
    • Time: 16-minute read
  6. The Road Back to You
    • Author: Ian Morgan Cron & Suzanne Stabile
    • Crux: An Enneagram Journey to Self-Discovery
    • Time: 12-minute read
  7. The New Rules of Work
    • Author: Alexandra Cavoulacos & Kathryn Minshew
    • Crux: The Modern Playbook for Navigating Your Career
    • Time: 15-minute read
  8. Big Mistakes
    • Author: Michael Batnick
    • Crux: The Best Investors and Their Worst Investments
    • Time: 15-minute read
  9. The Happiness Fantasy
    • Author: Carl Cederström
    • Crux: A history of happiness
    • Time: 19-minute read
  10. Own the Day, Own Your Life
    • Author: Aubrey Marcus
    • Crux: Optimized Practices for Waking, Working, Learning, Eating, Training, Playing, Sleeping and Sex
    • Time: 12-minute read

How Much Does Blinkist App Cost?

The app comes with free and premium plans. The free plan indeed has some features missing from that of the premium plan. Interestingly, the premium plan can be used for 30 days, and if the user wishes to proceed further, he needs to shell out $12.99 per month. For annual commitment, it’s $6.67 per month.

With the premium version, you can squeeze more juice out of this excellent app. The Blinkist Premium includes unlimited access to 2,500+ titles unlimited access to audio versions of all titles the ability to read & listen offline, a send-to-Kindle feature, personalized recommendations from the Blinkist editorial team, and more.

Blinkist App Review

Blinkist Premium includes:

  • Unlimited access to 2,500+ titles
  • Unlimited access to audio versions of all titles
  • Personalized recommendations from the Blinkist editorial team
  • The ability to read & listen offline
  • A send-to-Kindle feature
  • The ability to sync highlights with Evernote  

Is It Worth Subscribing For Blinkist App’s Premium Plan?

If you are really looking for options that can help you save money without hindering your passion of reading books, I must say Blinkist app is the right platform. But while going through the summary in a mere 15-minute time, there is surely a possibility that you are going to miss on something or the other.

Therefore, while considering both sides of the coin, I have penned down the pros and cons of this app. Take a look and comprehend if this app is for you or not.

Advantages of Blinkist App:

  • Graphics are fantastic and intuitive.
  • 2500+ book summaries with the addition of over 40 new ones every month.
  • Pricing options like Free trial, Plus, and Premium.
  • Offers quick view on a book you already read.
  • It’s a good sneak peek for someone who wishes to buy a book.
  • Audio summary for visually disabled people.  

Disadvantages of Blinkist App:

  • The app offers just an overview of a book; so don’t expect the full go through.
  • By reading a real book, it takes you away from the smartphone and gives the much-needed rest that we all crave for. But with this app, our dependency on the smartphone remains the same. 

Overall, Blinkist is a smart concept for the people of today’s generation who have very less time and also wish to fuel their passion for book reading. With the availability of comprehensive book summaries for reading and listening, this app should be must-have on your list.

This Is What Quora Users Have To Say About Blinkist App

We all know what significance Quora platform holds for all kinds of queries. So, for the Blinkist app, we looked out for Quora to get an unbiased users reactions. Take a look:

Blinkist App Review

Our Take

To complete a book, it does take time and an app like Blinkist is an ideal aid to go through the book summary in the shortest possible time. Covering multiple categories and some very famous books, Blinkist app is a complete package.

Also, there are some shortcomings to this app. The books on biographies and related stuff can’t be summarized in a bubble of 15 minutes and thus, we can’t expect to get a thorough go through of such books.

Overall, Blinkist is a smart concept for the people of today’s generation who have very less time and also wish to fuel their passion for book reading. With the availability of comprehensive book summaries for reading and listening, this app should be must-have on your list.

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Written By Pallavi

She is an avid writer of technology and trending mobile apps. When she is not busy updating you about the tech world, she spends time reading books and playing guitar.

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