Sellebrate App - An Awesome Way To Buy and Resell

Wondering what can you do with leftover wedding decorations? Sell it over Sellebrate!

Updated on April 04, 2024
Sellebrate App - An Awesome Way To Buy and Resell

It’s a proposal season! This means a lot of couples will be getting engaged and many have started planning their wedding soon. 


A wedding is a “once in a lifetime” experience because you will probably only have it once. With a dream of a gorgeous ceremony, a delicious cake, an unforgettable honeymoon, there comes a price. 

Instead of sacrificing your visions for your big day, many couples are exploring their dream weddings by limiting the purchases they don’t need anymore. Today, couples are open to budget-friendly weddings and decor options to celebrate life’s big events. 

If you’re looking for a big fat royal wedding, but have a tight budget, we have an app for you that helps you cut extra-costs to prevent going over and still enjoy the dream day that you have always dreamt for? 

Sellebrate is one such great shopping app, that helps you style your events more economically. From weddings to cocktail parties, you can buy & resell all used wedding and celebration items for life's great events with this event planning app.

Let’s find out more about this app in this Sellebrate app review. 

Getting Started with Sellebrate app

Sellebrate is one of the leading social marketplaces to buy and sell items for your wedding, event, or celebration. The app was developed by Debra Aho in 2019, is a US-based company helping people to reuse party supplies and pass them on to the next celebration. 

“We believe that a world exists where waste is reduced, celebrations are shared, and single-use items are multiplied.”

~ Debra Aho - Founder and CEO, Sellebrate

The event planning app is simple to use, you just have to list down your leftover decor items for free. Be it any decoration, party dress, accessories, greenery, or anything which takes along with any event, you can buy at affordable prices and resell your high-end extras at Sellebrate.

To lessen the amount of waste materials, it’s a great place to resell all the things you bought from this app and get your money back!


Top Features of Sellebrate app

Sellebrate app is a cost-effective buying and selling app for all budget-friendly folks looking to save more, spend less on their much-awaited life’s celebrations. Although this wed-commerce app runs on a simple mechanism, just like any other online shopping app. But, the concept it brings is really unique and nature-friendly, which makes this app outstands in-crowd.

Let’s jump to its features. 

1. List items for free!

From flowers, backdrops, balloons, glassware, vintage, antique, lighting, tableware, you can add endless items on the Sellebrate app. It lets you sell specialty items, handcrafts for DIY brides, anything to everything that an event seeks. You can do this for free.

2. Browse added items

This party planning app helps your customers find products, quickly and easily, throughout the app. Sellebrate app helps visitors find what they're looking for with product search more efficiently in real-time.

3. Secure in-app payment purchases

When you’re enabling in-app purchase authentication in your app, it will still let you buy in-app items, but you'll need to provide payment information each time. Sellebrate app uses Stripe to handle payments. In this Sellebrate review, we found this app fully secured which means all the financial data is handled on a secure web server. 

The only financial information the app ever receives is secure Stripe tokens and non-confidential details (names, last four digits of the accounts’ numbers) to display that information when needed.

4. Virtual handshaking with QR code

It’s an integral feature within the party planning app that creates a great experience for Sellebrate’s customers. Sellebrate app puts user-experience on top, by creating it a safer place for customers to buy and sell items, event decors, and wedding items. They came to an idea of a “virtual handshake” through which buyers can scan a QR code on the seller’s phone when they collect the item in person. 

5. Instant messaging system

Sellebrate app contains a fast, simple, and secure messaging system for smartphones. 

6. Filter location and items 

Sellebrate app serves sustainable & creative ways to reduce financial expense for life's special events. You can filter products based on location, price, distance, items being added daily. 

The Sellebrate’s Story!

The United States wedding industry spends over $55 billion/year for an event that typically lasts one day. While much of the money spent is on items and services that can not be sold or re-used, ie. ring, venue, food, photographer - there is a considerable amount of products that are thrown away. 

“We’re aiming to be the number 1 reseller app for weddings and all of life’s significant events”. 

~ Debra Aho - Founder and CEO, Sellebrate

Sellebrate app was founded on the idea to connect brides with each other and also anyone in the celebration or party space. 

“Our app is not to compete with other selling platforms, but one that is joining the movement for sustainable ways to throw parties and become a movement of thoughtful consumers in this space.”

~ Team Sellebrate

It is limitless on the creative ways you can reuse items for decor by cutting down environmental costs. They are stimulating the thinking around topics like:

  • How to use and reuse fresh flowers?
  • The importance of buying real instead of plastic?
  • How handmade unique items can easily be re-created for use over and over?
  • What materials are sustainable and eco-friendly?

Transform Event Planning with Sellebrate App 

Sellebrate app is marketed to brides, newly married clients, and anyone looking to throw a party or special event. The listings come from users who have used their merchandise, have excess that they didn’t use, or created their own by reducing costs. When they use this platform, they are able to get some of their initial investment back. Also, they have an inspiration tab built into our app for blogs and tips.

Future Updates 

They have a version of integrating a calendar into the app so that brides and event planners can put their wedding and pre-sell items or connect with others in the same area to share decor, flowers, backdrops, linens, balloons, and on and on. 

After receiving an overwhelming response from Canada, the UK, New Zealand, and Australia, they are planning to open the Sellebrate app up to other countries as well in 2021. Also. They hope to have an in-app shipping method in this event management app.

“We are proud of what we have created and are confident that this app will be well-positioned for those who are finding themselves with a tighter budget as one of the answers. We’re also very excited to be a part of the movement that is happening towards more sustainable events.”

~Team Sellebrate

Hits and Strikes 


  • Wonderful app for sharing resources and buying discounted items.
  • Perfect selling and buying app for budget-friendly couples.
  • Best event management app to buy-sell used wedding decor, wedding dresses, bridesmaids dresses, and shoes, etc. 
  • An app for budget-conscious brides.
  • Secure in-app payment purchases with Stripe and credit payment options.
  • Equipped with QR code
  • An environment-friendly app
  • Free product listing 
  • Secure web server
  • Available on Android and iOS


  • Functional in some countries as of now


  • The Sellebrate app is free to use. It is available on Android and iOS 

Sellebrate Ratings and Additional Information 

MAD Ratings 

Design - 4.5 stars
Usability - 4.2 stars
Features - 4.0 stars
Reliability - 4.5 stars

Our Verdict 

Sellebrate app is a really good app for buying/selling used items and sharing resources for weddings, parties, and other big life events. It is one of the super-cool eco-friendly apps for budget-conscious people who are looking to plan their wedding, birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, and more with a pinch of innovation. 

The event styling app provides better solutions for a better party by reducing financial expense and material waste. And, once you do some searching, you’ll be surprised at the amazing prices people are willing to sell their wedding stuff for!

Concluding this Sellebrate app review, if you want good stuff at low prices, or running on a tighter budget, the Sellebrate app lets you spend smartly on your wedding. Take some time exploring the Sellebrate app and you’re sure to save. Get the latest version of the Sellebrate download for Android and iOS and share your app experience with us. 

We’re always looking to introduce more interesting digital products and apps to our readers. If you have an app as innovative as the Sellebrate app that needs to be talked about, get your products reviewed by MobileAppDaily. Feel free to check out our other reviews. 

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