Bullet Planning App - A Quick Note-making Tool

Track every phase of your life with quick notes!

Updated on March 29, 2024
Bullet Planning App - A Quick Note-making Tool

With the increasing dependency on smartphone apps for almost everything we do daily, whether to record quick journals or to record daily routines, we have to install separate apps for everything. So, a genius developer saw this problem as an opportunity and ended up building the Bullet Planning app that could take care of it all. 

Today, we are discussing the Bullet Planning review to know this unique but best journal app better that lets you keep a track of your days including meals, thoughts, movies, books, and more. In this in-depth Bullet Planning app review, we are going to discuss its individual features, pros, and cons. Lastly, we will rate the Bullet Planning for iPhone and Android apps on the basis of several factors and conclude the Bullet Planning mobile app review. So, without further ado, let’s begin!

Background of Bullet Planning, the best free bullet journal app

“It’s a “one-stop-shop” for everything you need to invest in personal growth. Designed to have a natural flow between daily logs, monthly tracking, and yearly goal setting, this app transforms traditional Bullet Journalling into an intuitive digital experience.”

- Zaahie Saeed, Co-founder of the Bullet Planning app

Zaahie Saeed launched Bullet Planning as a habit tracker tool in the month of December 2021. Despite being a new tool, the demand to download Bullet Planning is displaying a promising future for the popularity of this amazing bullet journaling app. To understand more about the growing opportunity of this one of the best self-care apps, let’s have a look at the amazing features of the bullet app APK and .ipa.

Features of the Bullet Planning mobile app

Listing down these features is helpful in rating this online journal app more accurately. Additionally, these features also allow developers or aspiring developers among our readers in finding inspirations that can be helpful for their future projects. These features of Bullet Planning, the top free journal app are-

1. Periodic logs aka your personal life journal

best bullet journal app for free

This best bullet journal app for free allows you to maintain a personal journal where you can record your routine daily, monthly, and even yearly. The mood tracker lets you keep a track of your sleep cycle, expenses, special moments, your feelings, habits, moods, and much more. You can also record the names of movies and books that you have watched and add summaries for the month that has passed.

2. Record bucket lists or goals to stay on track

best bullet journal app for free

It is always good to have a tool that can help you track your ultimate goals so that even when you are distracted or down, you can have a reminder of the ultimate goal you have to achieve. To help your future self in reminding your goals, you can always keep them safe on this amazing spending tracker app. As the navigation is quite simple to use in this note-taking app, it takes seconds for you to open it and record the goal you want to chase. Additionally, the note feature also supports images and PDFs so you can keep all the information safe as required.

3. Keep your favorite books and movies remembered forever

online journal app

Once in a while, we all come across a movie or a book that stays with us forever. However, it is also quite normal that the name of your favorite title or a title that you want to rewatch slips from your mind. So, you can always keep the title safe on this online journal app so that in the future whenever you are remembered that particular book or movie you want to go through again, you just have to swipe through a list of everything that entertained you until you find it.

4. In-built calendar for daily reminders and updates

online journal app

The in-built calendar supports synchronization with other calendar apps such as Google Calendar and Apple Calendar to help you in keeping track of every plan of yours on a single app. You can also review monthly and daily tasks and events easily by using the calendar’s bird view feature.

Pros and cons of the Bullet Planning mobile app

Through the top features of Bullet Planning, the best free journal app, that we mentioned above, we got an insight into the potential of this amazing app. Additionally, these features of one of the best mood tracker apps are going to be helpful in concluding this Bullet Planning review more accurately. But, to ensure the digital bullet journal is as great as it sounds, we need to look for its cons as well. So, let’s try to find some pros and cons before we progress further in this Bullet Planning for iPhone and Android review.

Pros of the Bullet Planning mobile app

  • In-built meal-tracker
  • Quick journal recorder
  • Allows saving long notes too
  • In-built calendar to send reminders
  • Supports attaching images and PDFs to notes
  • Create daily, weekly, monthly, or annual reports with no hassle
  • Premium plans come with 3-day free trials

Cons of the Bullet Planning mobile app

  • The free version limits the number of features
  • The Mood tracker does not let you customize the exact time of the day

Additional features of the Bullet Planning app

Additional features

MAD Rating

Features- 4.3
Security- 4.3
Navigation- 4.0
Pricing- 4.5

Future updates planned for the Bullet Planning, the leading bullet journaling app

  • Google and outlook calendar sync
  • Habit streak sharing
  • Automatic database backup
  • Color themes
  • Export to Evernote

Pricing and packages of Bullet Planning for iPhone and Android

note-taking app

The Bullet Planning is a free-spending tracker app. However, it limits the number of features that it offers for free. But to build trust in the mind of app users first, the bullet app APK and .ipa offer 3-day free trials for first-time premium subscribers so you can be sure of its premium features. 

Verdict- An ideal note-taking app 

So, going through this in-depth Bullet Planning app review gave us an insight that the Bullet Planning app is an amazing idea but it still has scopes of improvements. However, the app is quite new in the market and its developers are continuously updating it to make it as user-friendly as possible. 

Even at the current stage, it possesses all qualities to be a perfect note-taking option for smartphone users and as time passes, it has a high probability of assisting you through more tasks like securing your notes on cloud storage automatically, helping you build habits through streaks, and more. So, in our opinion, you should go for the Bullet Planning mobile app without thinking twice.

Lastly, we hope this Bullet Planning review helped you in understanding this amazing free bullet journal app well. If you are a developer looking for inspiration for your new project, you are also welcome to get your app reviewed whenever you are done building it or if you have already built one. These reviews by our MobileAppDaily experts are done to help developers in understanding the real potential of their apps. These reviews also are helpful in understanding opportunities for improvements for your apps if required and if published on our website, you have an opportunity to make your app visible to a huge reader base of potential users from all over the globe.

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