MoneyBall: Challenge Your Friends to Brain Puzzles

MoneyBall app allows you to exercise the mind with Memory and puzzles games.

Updated on February 02, 2023
MoneyBall: Challenge Your Friends to Brain Puzzles

As quoted by Jose R. Coronado, the author of ‘The Land Flowing With Milk And Honey,’

“It's emphasis of the same, a nemesis with my name, scheme created impressions of a mind game for everyone who over seas. What a shame for those who haven't figured it out.”

So, it’s time to figure out where you stand at in mind games. Are you smart enough to unravel all the mysteries, or you need some practice?

Well, we have got a puzzle app called MoneyBall that can train your brain with the ultimate memory puzzles games. Its free games train your mind and memory and keep your brain sharp.

MoneyBall is the ultimate mental fitness app that follows the motto, “Invest in Your Mind.”

“MoneyBall is the ultimate mind game,” says CEO Justin Donahoo. “The opportunity to test your skills and exercise your mind is what entices people. Add a challenging element in the mix and the true competitiveness comes out. You are in control of your own success, it’s a true game of skill and that is what we love about it.”

In our MoneyBall app review, we will take you through the fundamentals of the app and its notable features that make it one of the best puzzle game apps.

About MoneyBall App

MoneyBall app improve memory skills with free memory games, then put your mind to the test. You are free to get memory training with fun brain training games and see how much you can score. Such puzzle games inspire creativity and strategic mental skills.

As a player, you need to complete the game levels. Meanwhile, you can also use the chips to compete against friends and other players in tournament style play modes and head to head matches.

You can even challenge your friends to memory matches and see who can get the furthest. As you play the brain puzzles, you climb the leaderboards and you also have an option to see how many people you can out-memorize.

To play, you need to follow the following three steps:

  • Remember the sequence,
  • Re-enter the sequence, and
  • Beat the time.

You can use smart brain games and logic puzzles of this app to give your brain a workout whenever you want, wherever you want and as often as you want. The brain puzzle app is best to test your memory and help keep your brain sharp.

keeping skills sharp

MoneyBall App Features

Its memory puzzles let you train your mind and memory any time, thanks to free games and exercises that keep your brain sharp. This fun brain training game tests you with challenging memory games.

The following are the features that you are surely going to find in the MoneyBall app:

a. Memory Games

In this puzzle game app, you get various mind games that are intuitive and easy to learn. Its puzzles are optimized to cater to people of all age groups. Right from infants to dotage, everyone can use this app. After playing its memory games, your creativity and problem-solving skills are bound to sharpen and you can be benefited in everyday life.

b. Challenge Your Friends

If you think you have mastered all the games, you should challenge your friends and know your real standing. You can put your top scores on the leaderboard and make your friends envy. The brain challenge accomplishments are displayed on the leaderboard of the puzzle app with the username.

c. VIP Membership

The Royal Flush Club is an exclusive gang of the VIP player who can challenge their friends in real-time play. The Royal Flush Club members also get the feasibility of direct message options and other in-game rewards.

ultimate mind games

MoneyBall App In-App Purchases 

MoneyBall app is free to download and is complemented with free unlimited play access. You have an option to join the Royal Flush Club and become a VIP Player. It will give you the full app access.

Similarly, the in-app purchase options and membership features are on offer to improve the skills and better the chances of mastering the challenge. The following are the in-app purchase options that you can avail:

  • MoneyBall Unlock: $2.99
  • Ball Subscription: $2.99
  • 1 Life: $1.99
  • 3 Lives: $5.99

You also have options to buy chips to excel in puzzle games. These chips will help you compete against other players in real-time play, and communicate and strategize through the direct messaging component.

  • 500 Chips: $0.99
  • 1000 Chips: $2.99
  • 2500 Chips: $5.99
  • 5000 Chips: $9.99
  • 7500 Chips: $24.99
  • 10000 Chips: $49.99

MAD Verdict: MoneyBall App Review

Undoubtedly, the memory games make your mind the key to your success and with MoneyBall app, you get simple gameplay and captivating game elements that, too, for all ages.

The app stores are stacked with tons of mind puzzle apps, but MoneyBall app actually trains players to exercise their mind with its mind-bending brain puzzles and memory games.

The best thing about the app is that it’s intuitive, easy to learn, and is designed to bring an exceptional mobile gaming experience.

If you are all set to give your brain a workout, MoneyBall app is the one that you need to download now.

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