10 Best Sleep Tracker Apps you should check out in 2021

These best sleep tracker apps will help you track your sleep better and help you have a productive day ahead.
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April 13, 2021
Best Sleep Tracker Apps
Tracking your sleep is one of the new advancements made by heath scientists, which can help you better understand how effectively your body sleeps and what effects it can have on the next day. A sound sleep is better than therapy, and in some cases, it's even better than medicine. Sleeping can help you rejuvenate your brain and effectively process through everyday tasks. With the best apps focusing on your sleep cycles, you can rely on them and doze off peacefully. We have curated a list of the best sleep trackers that can keep a check on your sleeping pattern so that you wake up with a fresh mind.

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Read on to know more about the best apps you can download to track your daily sleep.

Best Sleep Tracker Apps To Monitor Your Sleep in 2021

Allow yourself to relax a little with these sleep tracking apps that will refresh your mind and make you feel better.

Sleep Cycle - Best sleep tracker app

Apple 4.7
android 4.4

With the Sleep Cycle App, you can analyze your sleep routine and monitor your sleeping patterns. The app tracks your light sleep mode phase and wakes you up with soft alarm tones that can range from 5 mins to 90 mins until you wake up. The app also records your snoring per day.

Features of the Sleep Cycle, the best sleep tracker app

  • Your overall health in check through analysis of your sleeping pattern
  • Place your device anywhere close to you for recording your schedule
  • Check your sleep statistics and daily sleep graph
  • Read stories to fall asleep quickly and wake up with gentle alarm tones
Download Sleep Cycle

SleepScore - The best free sleep tracker app

Apple 4.3
android 3.2

SleepScore is an advanced sleep tracker app that observes your sleep and helps you schedule your sleep better. SleepScore operates on contactless tracking and gives daily scores between 0-100. This best sleep monitor app tracks your sleep in all 4 stages i.e light, deep, REM, and awakening. You can also set your goals or daily morning schedule. 

Features of SleepScore, the best sleep monitor app

  • Use other apps while listening to music
  • Create your sounds professionally
  • A full-screen digital clock which is perfect for a nightstand
  • Mark sounds like your favorite that you can access easily
Download SleepScore

Sleep Bot - Best sleep analysis app

Apple 1.2

The  Sleep Bot is an easy and intuitive app for tracking your daily sleep. There is no need to activate the app before going to bed every night. All you need to do is tuck yourself in and the rest will be done by the app itself. Though the app is currently available on Apple Store, the Android version is still under development and will be launched shortly. You can use the app with Apple Watch or even opt the contactless tracking.

Features of Sleep Bot, the best sleep monitoring app

  • Autostart
  • No need to activate the app daily
  • Analyze movement patterns
  • Analyze heart rate and other vital parameters
Download SleepBot

Fitbit - Best sleep analysis app

Apple 4.1
android 3.6

Fitbit is a popular name among wearable gadgets and smartwatches. With their latest innovation in wearable technology, they have acquired a recognizable feat in this industry. With their latest Fitbit app, they are also offering amazing features with their flawless technology. 


Apart from offering all the features of a fitness app, Fitbit also offers sleep tracking features that you can use to track your sleep and get all the necessary data related to your sleep cycle and habits.

Features of Fitbit app, the best sleep monitoring app

  • Discover how long you slept
  • Know your sleep quality
  • Manage stress
  • Night sleep score
  • Sleep goal settings
  • Bedtime reminders
Download the Fitbit app
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Sleep Genius - One of the best sleep tracking apps

Apple 4.1

Sound sleep is crucial for everyone but it has extra value for kids. It is essential for their growth as well as affects their health directly. Sleep Genius app gives you a soothing sleeping experience and is an amalgamation of sound, stories, and sleep moves that can help babies fall asleep quickly and deeply. With this app, you can create amazing sounds and break free from all the sleepless nights you and your baby face together. 

Features of Sleep Genius, the best free sleep recorder app

  • Music which will make the baby fall asleep quickly
  • Full-spectrum music
  • Change the mood of the music
  • Follow sleep moves by professions for deep sleep
Download Sleep Genius

White Noise Lite - Best sleep quality app

Apple 4.8
android 4.7

Even while asleep, our brain keeps scanning for sounds it receives. White Noise Lite makes use of this fact and offers 40+ soothing sounds, which you can play while going to bed. These sounds are collected by experts with lasting effects on the brain and sleep. You can also record your sounds, loop them and play them while going to bed.

Features of White Noise Lite, the best sleep quality app

  • 40+ loops
  • Supports Android 7 and later
  • Background audio support
  • Chromecast TV support
  • Full-screen digital clock
  • On-screen media player with controls
Download White Noise Lite

Pillow - The best free sleep tracker app

Apple 4.3

Pillow, an iPhone sleep tracker, can be your smart sleep assistant, which helps you to sleep better every day and wake up refreshed in the morning. Record everything that you do in sleep, be it sleep apnea, sleep talk, or snoring. With apple health metrics, compare your sleep quality.

Features of Pillow, the best sleep monitor app

  • Track your sleep automatically and switch between automatic to manual
  • Advance analysis algorithm base on scientific research
  • Detailed data of your sleep history based on week or months
  • Log your mood every day you wake up in the morning
Download Pillow

Sleep as Android - One of the good sleep tracking apps

android 4.5

This mobile application wakes you pleasantly from your sleep by smartly monitoring your sleep schedule. Sleep as Android supports various other devices and has revolutionized contactless ultrasonic sleep tracking, which allows you to keep your phone away from the bed.

Features of Sleep as Android, sleep monitoring app for Android

  • Avoid oversleeping by entering fun CAPTCHA codes
  • Integrated with Spotify and Play music for online alarms
  • Smart bulb control with Philips HUE or others over IFTTT
  • Tracks your respiration while sleeping
Download Sleep

Relax & Sleep Well Hypnosis - Best sleep manager app

Apple 4.7
android 4.7

If you want to sleep peacefully, then the Relax & Sleep Well app is right for you as it allows you to access 4 free hypnotherapists and meditation, which helps you take a good nap. You can make in-app purchases to tackle other life challenges like phobia, addiction, etc. The app is created by Glenn who himself makes music with microphones.

Features of Relax & Sleep Well Hypnosis, the best sleep manager app

  • Learn the latest hypnotherapist and meditation techniques
  • Glenn’s hypnotic vocal techniques to relax you completely
  • Background sound made with specific musical keys to deepen the effect
  • A guide to self-hypnosis
Download Relax & Sleep Well Hypnosis

Wake Me Up In - Best sleep tracker app

Apple 3.5

The app doesn’t set an alarm and allows you to wake up at your convenience. You just need to add the number of hours you want to sleep and Wake Me Up In will ring its alarm right after your added duration is over. The app has a very simple interface that you can glide on.

Features of Wake Me Up In, the best sleep tracker app

  • Different background to give you a glimpse of the weather outside
  • Various custom made alarm right tones
  • The snooze function works like a standard alarm clock
  • Add it to your apple watch and the app synchronizes with your iPhone
Download Wake Me Up In
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These sleeping apps can guide you to have happy sleep and naps. Many parts within you can be healed apart from your sleeping problems. Get better concentration and peace of mind while gaining clarity and closure of yourself.

Sleeping is beneficial and can keep multiple health problems at bay. Your wrong sleeping habits can end up harboring various mental health problems that might make you anxious, angry, or stressed, but you don’t need to worry as the above-listed apps can give you rested sleep and mindfulness.

We hope that you found the best app for tracking your sleep. If you are a product owner and want to get your app reviewed, get in touch with MobileAppDaily Studio.

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