Google Adds Food Delivery Service Integration: Now Order Food Via Google Assistant, Search and Maps

Until now Google has integrated with Postmates, DoorDash,, ChowNow, and Slice.

Google Adds Food Delivery Service

Every day at the office, I motivate myself with this quote. After a tiring day at the office, the thought of cooking food for myself haunts me and then I look out for the best options available on food delivery apps.

I have a habit of searching for the best discounts and comparing prices for the same food on various food delivery apps but it is such a painful and time-consuming process. 

But now thanks to Google, I can look out for food delivery services from various food delivery apps at one place. Google announced in its blog post that it is rolling out a new feature that will enable you to order food delivery directly from Google Assistant, Search and Maps.

Although Google is not entering into the food delivery service business (we never know, maybe, later on, it will try to get into the game). Currently, it has partnered with food delivery apps such as Postmates, DoorDash,, ChowNow, and Slice. It also said that support for Zuppler is “coming soon.”

food delivery service business

For ordering food directly from the restaurants that participate in Google’s program, the “Order Online” button in Maps and Search is expected to feature soon and users can see that option at the time of searching for particular restaurants or dishes.

The food delivery service integration has teamed up with the company’s tools that will allow users to pay for the food through Google Pay. Until this feature fully develops, check out our take on some of the best food delivery apps that are trending in 2019. 

How To Order Food Directly From Google?

Follow these simple processes to order food directly from the restaurants via Google:

1. Ordering food via Google Search and Map 

A person craving food can search for food delivery services or restaurants ‘near me’. 
If the restaurant you are searching for found out to be the participating restaurant then the “Order Online” button will appear in Maps or Search that will take you through selecting items, delivery options, takeaway options, and checkout. 

Ordering food via Google Search and Map 

The results will also include the food delivery app services for those particular restaurants.

 2. Ordering food via Google Assistant 

To order food from the Google Assistant, simply say, “Hey Google, order food from [restaurant].” This will work again with the participating restaurants only. You can also reorder the food from the same delivery app partners by saying “Hey Google, reorder food from [restaurant].” 

The Google Assistant will pull out your recent orders and then you can choose your dish from the list of past orders. 

Ordering food via Google Assistant 

The announcement of Google’s new feature for food delivery services integration is yet to come out on Google Assistant smart speakers and Google Smart Displays.

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Now, let me enjoy the food, please.

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