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Samsung Galaxy X, Release Date, Price And We Know So Far

We are still waiting for Samsung to share its years of hard work over foldable display Galaxy X, Release Date, Price And We Know So Far

If you are tech enthusiast then there are maximum chances you are also waiting for the foldable phone like us. Yes, we are talking about the real future generation gadget the one like we see in Netflix's sci-fi series. However, you may have seen the images or videos of foldable phones and wondering what in the world taking so long for this to get into the real market. Samsung was the first one to introduce us to the concept of foldable smartphones or tablet almost 7 years ago. However, Samsung is still working on its Samsung Galaxy X, first foldable smartphone to launch ever, that will change the mobile industry forever. So, if you are among the most people who just have the image of the concept handset in their mind we have the whole story of Samsung's efforts for foldable smartphones down here.

Origin Of Samsung Galaxy X

All this started back in 2011 when Samsung shared a prototype of a foldable device to show off its future technology. However, the prototype itself looked chunky and complicated to picture a cool bendable screen device. Things become more interesting when later that year Samsung dropped a video of concept foldable transparent screen device. The video makes us believe that Samsung is close to converting the concept into reality. There were rumors we may see the Samsung’s new device with a bendy display in 2012. However, the further reports made it clear the device is far from launch. There was some display problem the company was struggling with, during the fold the screens were getting very low brightness. Finally, the tech giant overcomes the production problem and show off its foldable display first at CES 2013. Again it was cleared from the look that screen was not being evolved enough to put into any commercial product. After that, it was heard that the Samsung was struggling with the encapsulation problem for the screen, the technology that keeps the screens safe from moisture and air. 

Down the road, there was a number of names given to the device, but the most suggested one was Project Valley in 2015. At that time some of the internal sources spilled the bean about the phone and said we may see the device in 2016. In addition, the phone was also said to have two screens and Samsung is in the early development stage with the phone. However we never saw such phone like Project Calley, later on, In May 2016, there was Samsung Galaxy X. The name is the most reasonable suggestion considering the company's Galaxy series that was getting evolved in technology every year. 

The closest to Samsung Galaxy X

Maybe Samsung was unsuccessful to deliver the foldable smartphone till date after years of work, but it has shared the improvement in the same direction. Samsung has launched the first ever round sides phones with screens that made the whole world go mad. The Samsung Galaxy Round was the first one to get the curved screen and Samsung pioneer in that field. Afterward, the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge and Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge received more delicately curved screens from the company, However, these around the edge phones are still far away from the concept that Samsung shared in 2011. 

What about Samsung Galaxy X now?

Back in 2016, the reports suggested that Galaxy  X is almost ready and will strike in 2017 with a 4K display to solve the brightness issue. However that never happened, but at At SID 2016 Samsung shared a roll-out display without any touchscreen capability. In addition to that last year in June, we heard that company will be launching two foldable devices one is a 5-inch smartphone and another is an 8-inch tablet. But, here we are in 2018 there is still no sign of the phone or tablet. 

For now, Samsung's own engineers say that the company is busy in Bezel-less displays that are in demand. This also gives more time for making the foldable display flawless by eliminating the issues. According to the resources, Samsung is aiming 2019 for the launch of foldable screen smartphones. 

What Samsung Says About Galaxy X?

In its recent interview at MWC 2018, Samsung has answered several questions regarding Samsung Galaxy X. The tech giant said that it won't be aiming to be the first one to launch the foldable handset in the market instead it won't be pushing the device until it's fully ready for the users. 

Samsung Galaxy X release date and price?

The date of the most awaited future technology and the price for holding it in hand are most important things that everyone wants to know. But, giving a price tag to the smartphone with a technology that didn't officially exists yet is way too early. We believe that initially, Samsung will launch it in limited number as the demands goes high it will hike up the production, which means you need to pay a very handsome amount for the Samsung Galaxy X. Considering Samsung's latest interview at MWC 2018 and the ongoing difficulties in the production of the device, we can expect the device to come out of shadow in this year’s end or early 2019. 

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