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Google Maps Revamped! Calendar Sync Version Is On Way

Google Maps will also reflect scheduled locations from calendars

google published date 16th November, 2017 James Lawson

Google Maps Revamped

Google announced that it has updated its Maps and navigation app for the users. Google Maps has been redesigned by the company to add new color icons to highlight the most relevant nearby locations. With this update, the Google Maps will become more accommodating for the users looking for places. The company said the new Google Map design will enrich the driving, navigation, transit functions of the app to explore nearby places easily.  Along with new color scheme and smart highlighting feature, the company also added few helpful abilities to the app.

Google New Design

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The upcoming updated version of the Google Maps will also show the updates happening nearby to the user on the Maps. That means the closing of a road and working hours of local business will also be shown in the Maps. In addition to this, the Maps now also synchronized with the Google Calendar and Mail. Using the relevant information from the calendar the redesigned Google Map will also reflect the scheduled location on the Map. You will also see the confirmed reservation on the map taken from your mail and you can also add any restaurant to ‘Want to go list’ to highlight it on the map.

Google’s color scheme

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The all-new color update in the redesigned Google Maps will show the new icons with specific colors to identify the places instantly, for example, the cafe, restaurants, and bars will be highlighted with blue color. With this revamped design, the users now just have to open the app and they identify Museum, hospital, business place by just seeing their icon and color. The other Google products such as Assistance, Earth, and Android Auto will also incorporate the Maps information in coming time, said Liz Hunt, Product Manager, Google Maps.”Now, we’re updating Google Maps with a new look that better reflects your world, right now.” Hunt added.

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All the changes will start appearing over the next few weeks in the app and other products. Over time, the updates will also be visible on the websites, app and other experiences offered by companies using Google Maps API.

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