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SOTKA App: Knowledge Is Power

According to Flurry Analytics, 25% of fitness app users open their fitness apps more than 10 times a week with 96% using only one fitness app throughout

Updated on April 07, 2024
SOTKA App: Knowledge Is Power

Workouts sessions can be daunting sometimes and reasons to it can be many like you cannot keep yourself motivated, you are new, you are afraid that you might end up hurting yourself, etc. 

But technology has prevailed just like our lives and the rise of fitness tracker apps has been able to mark a significant change, these apps have allowed people to embark on a fitness journey which otherwise many of them are reluctant to join.

Fitness is a way of life for many people now and with that being said, here is a FIRST EVER fitness education app just for you that can make your workout plans a lot more facile while educating you about various workout sessions, and we are talking about SOTKA app, A Edu fitness app that functions on a 100-day plan with a motive to give you a healthy body.

What Is SOTKA Workout App All About?

Founded in 2013, SOTKA app is one of the best workout apps which has successfully been able to cater to 500,000 people, transforming their lives.

Founder of SOTKA, Mr. Anton Kuchumov’s primary focus while creating this app was to make people aware of their bodies through a free educational fitness course and its various other fitness forms so that people can workout effortlessly knowing every intricate detail.

The app formulates a 100-day program that fits your comfort with new information every day. SOTKA is currently serving 55 countries and yielding efficient results.

The app has 3 big theory blocks which are- BASIC, ADVANCE, and TURBO. Each block has its own set of functions.

Exercise Apps like SOTKA

How to use SOTKA Fitness Education App

SOTKA app is one of the best fitness tracker for gym workouts and lets you improve your physical conditioning and create a training habit. Below mentioned is the process of getting started with fitness and education app: 

  • Download SOTKA app from Google Play Store or Apple App Store.
  • Open the app and read out its organizational moments, goals, and FAQs.
  • Enter your data like your weight, no. of pull-ups, squats, and push-ups you are currently able to do.
  • Upload your pictures before starting the workout.
  • Signup by adding your email, country, gender, and DOB.

Once you have signed into the app, you can start focusing on your 100-day workout routine.

What Are The Features Of SOTKA Workout Program App

This exemplary workout app understands your body systems while educating you about bodyweight exercises and channelizing new training techniques. SOTKA is one of the leading fitness apps  and is loaded with exceptional features which are listed below:

  • Daily Info post

This feature of the app tells you about your basic level training plan starting from day one. The objective here is to explain you everything that you will be doing in your session and how important it is to follow rules. You will be reading a very informative article in this segment.

  • Your Today’s Task

Let the app know the task that you are doing today. SOTKA keeps a track of all your physical activities from the very first day and you can change or delete these sessions anytime you like. Through this feature, you will be well able to track your exercises down.

  • New Day New Learning

Every day for the next 100 days you will be able to explore informative articles about warm-ups, cool downs, stretching, balancing calories, and much more. As you continue with SOTKA you will not only be fit but also will have proper knowledge of everything that you have been following.

  • Blocks

Blocks are the fundamental feature of this app and constitute to be a prime part too. As mentioned earlier, the app has 3 blocks which are:

  • BASIC: The duration of this block is day 1 to 49 and enlightens you about exercise in a brief manner and focuses on problems that you must be facing as a beginner.
  • ADVANCE- This Block starts on day 50th and ends on day 91. This block has a review of nutrition and training program development which will inform you about the criticalities of exercises that you are doing
  • TURBO- This block lasts for day 92 to day 98 and is intense in nature. TURBO allows you to be unique and bring up 7 challenges that you can accept to test your body out.
  • Calendar Journal

The app has an inbuilt calendar which you can see every day and tap on dates to know what exercises you have been performing within those particular dates in a list format.

These features can have a huge impact on your mind and body. With SOTKA you can stay motivated to workout easily and for free. The app has the ability to put a body systems review right in front of you so that you are able to analyze every aspect of your session.

Do You Need Exercise Apps like SOTKA?

There are many people who are using fitness apps to get fit. It can be seen that fitness apps like SOTKA are gaining momentum and according to a report, the global size of the fitness market will reach over $15.96 billion by 2026. 

SOTKA workout app

SOTKA workout app is one of a kind. The app not only aims to get you into shape but also nourishes you with knowledge that can help you to formulate your workout plan in a wise manner. Being 100% free, SOTKA can bombard you with loads of information. It is not just essential for the general users, but also the Gym owners need an app like this for spreading awareness about fitness and promoting fitness regimes. 

Abundance of knowledge is one of the unique features which can hook you up and assist you to focus on every detail of your body.

SOTKA app review

 MAD Verdict: SOTKA app review

Having a fitness app that not only motivates you to workout but also compiles fitness with education and busts your myths about certain factors is a deal that you might want to seal. Your 100-day journey with  SOTKA app will be insightful and seamless.

Not only this, as you gradually move to different days you will be able to see exercise videos both men and women so that you are able to set your posture correctly. You can challenge yourself to level up every day to see visible changes in your body.

SOTKA app surely works as a guide to which you can always have access for free along with building your knowledge base. Let us know your views about SOTKA app in the comment section below and read our mobile app reviews to know applications that are taking industries by the storm.

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