Glympse App: Location sharing made easy

With Glypmse app you can share your location with anyone in a fast, free and simple manner. Find people and always know where your loved ones are.

Updated on April 04, 2024
Glympse App: Location sharing made easy

Location sharing has become a very common method of tracking someone you are expecting to meet. At such times where traffic on roads is unpredictable, location sharing apps make it easy to know how much will the person concerned will take to reach the location. Though the application is massive, it is usually a tedious process to share and most popular apps who offer this service have not done a good job in terms of sharing real-time locations. 

Glympse app is a great way of sharing your location with anyone, anywhere. It is an efficient app with a very minimal memory footprint that shares your location with maximum precision. It uses SMS to send location and hence can be used by anyone, even if the recipient is not using the Glympse tracking app. It is extremely precise in terms of real-time locations and shares the location without any error. Its simplicity and reliability make it the best location tracking apps offered in the market today. 

Glympse GPS tracking app was founded over a decade ago to make location sharing fast, easy, safe and effective for their customers. Today they are winners of various awards and have helped millions of users by eliminating friction and anxiety traveling or waiting for someone. In this Glympse app review, we discuss some of the best features of this app. 

Glympse GPS tracker, share and receive location with maximum accuracy 

Glympse GPS phone tracker allows its users to share their location in a fast and safe way. Whether you are traveling to a location or waiting for somebody to join you, it is the perfect answer to the question “where are you”? Whether it is a family function or an office meeting, you can send you a location to share your ETA or ask the location to know the location of the person concerned. If you wonder, is Glympse safe?, Glympse eliminates any risk by making location sharing temporary in all cases and makes sure of their client’s safety. One of the best features Glympse offer is that you can send your location to anyone, even if the recipient doesn’t use the Glymse app. You can simply send your location via text message. Upon receiving the SMS, the recipient can open the link given in the SMS and view your location in the dynamic maps directly. Worried about the delivery guy finding your address or waiting for the FedEx personnel to deliver your parcel? Glymse will let you share your location with any of these personals simply via text. Glymse is also completely secure and makes sure that your location doesn’t get saved in any foreign device. The location shared by you is stored temporarily and gets deleted once the destination is reached. 

Glympse works on the principle of simplicity and aims to remove all the hurdles faced in sharing one’s location to anyone. Its design is fast and well-integrated with all kinds of smart devices. It is a passive app that keeps working in the background. It’s light and doesn’t take much processing power of your device. Share your location to anyone in the world with a data connection and GPS-enabled device. It’s so precise that you can use it to find people in crowded gatherings or full house music concerts. Never let your loved ones worry about where you are. Whenever running late, share your Glympse. It will also calculate and project the ETA to the recipient and adjust it if any stops or shortcuts are made.

Easy and safe location sharing app to make your life better

Glympse GPS locator removes all the hurdles from location sharing and making your life a little bit easier. Here are some of its best features:

Share location in a fast and easy way

Glympse GPS tracking app enables its users to share their location temporarily. Track phone location which it displays with utmost accuracy and even tracks people in crowded places like concerts.

Glympse GPS tracking app

Fast and real-time location tracking

To learn how to use Glympse?You will have to add friends on your phone. Track the locations of your friends, family and co-workers with real time location tracking of Glympse app. Get their locations via SMS and know their locations and ETA. 

Takes care of your and your location’s safety

Glympse offers temporary real time location sharing. After the selected duration, or if the duration is not selected, the location sent by Glympse is removed from the recipient's device. Share your locations with restaurants, delivery personnel etc and stay stress-free.

Perfect for a family gathering or social events

Create groups in the Glympse GPS tracker and share live location with all of them at the same time. Use it for a family dinner or while running late for a meeting, etc.

Glympse GPS tracking app

Requires no sign-ups

Glympse GPS tracking app is very straightforward and easy to use. No app is required to open the shared location. The app runs in the background without affecting our normal use.

Track locations with a dynamic map

Glympse share location app offers a dynamic map for real time location tracking of the person concerned.

Glympse GPS tracking app

How to use the Glympse app

Glympse is easy to use and intuitive. Follow these simple steps to start;

Step 1: Glympse app download from the app store or Google Play store.
Step 2: From the menu select “Share location” or “request location”. 
Step 3: Select the time you want your location to be shared before sharing your location
Step 4: Share. End it whenever necessary from the dashboard.
Step 5: After requesting location, either check the location on the map or check ETA.

Glympse GPS tracking app

Hits and Strikes:


  • Once you know  how to use Glympse?, it’s Easy and fast
  • Needs no app to open sent locations
  • Safe and sends location temporarily
  • Simple and minimalistic design
  • Runs in background
  • Free


  • Uses the only SMS for sending location
  • Bugs and glitches

MAD Rates - 4.1
Design: 4.3
Usability: 4.1
Reliability: 3.8


Glympse GPS phone tracker is an amazing real time location sharing app which offers smooth functionality and utmost safety in its operation. Glympse location sharing is temporary and deletes after the selected duration is over. It is great to use for sharing your address to delivery guys without fear of being location misused. Glympse takes care of our safety and shares your location temporarily with the user. You can also select the duration for which you want to share your location with the recipient and attack message with your location. Track phone location and know where your loved ones are with this great GPS locator. With absolutely no cost, it is hard to find a reason to not try this amazing app. Its simplicity, minimalist design, fast response and safety features make it one of the best location tracking apps today. If you are an app owner and wants to get your app reviewed, get in touch with MobileAppDaily.

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