AirDroid App - A Smart Data Management Tool

Transfer, manage, and cast devices easily!

Updated on April 07, 2024
AirDroid App - A Smart Data Management Tool

Managing storage space on smartphones can be quite a confusing task, especially when the storage space is limited and you have to let some of your precious content go. Thus, it is always better to use a tool like AirDroid that can make it easier for you to manage and transfer data between two devices smartly. 

AirDroid is a smart device management suite designed to provide you with features such as remote storage access, screen mirroring, controlling Android devices remotely, etc. Furthermore, we are throwing some light on the background of the AirDroid app, and then we will talk about its features. So, without further ado, let’s begin!

Background of the AirDroid app

“Everything started with a vision to change the world with innovative technology.”

- Anson.X, Founder of the AirDroid app

AirDroid app was founded in 2011 by Anson.X to solve the data management problems for smart and portable devices such as smartphones. Currently, the data management app has become a popular choice among smartphone users across the globe due to its easy-to-use features that not only offer better efficiency, but also amazing transfer speed and freedom from the dependence on USB wires. To understand the last statement better, let’s discuss the features of AirDroid separately.

Features of the AirDroid app

So, to understand the data transfer app better and to make this AirDroid review more accurate, we are now going through its crucial features. We will also have a look into the process of using the AirDroid app for entrepreneurs, individuals, and professionals to help you in understanding the app better. 

1. Wireless data transfer

AirDroid app

One of the most basic needs that it fulfills is its ability to let you transfer data from one device to another wirelessly. With the help of AirDroid file transfer, you can transfer data between smartphones and laptops, smartphones to smartphones, Android to iOS, or vice versa, and more. You can also send files to your friends who are not even nearby. The wireless transfer feature of the AirDroid web app lets you transfer bulk data easily.

2. Remote device manager

AirDroid app download

It is super easy to connect your smart devices like tablets or smartphones to your desktop or laptop by using the AirDroid web app on any browser of your choice. After connecting the device, you can access device data, including images, videos, messages, contacts, etc. You can also open the phone camera remotely to use it as a webcam.

3. Reply to texts or read messages on the computer

AirDroid app download

As mentioned above, the AirDroid screen mirroring app lets you access your texts and call logs from your computers. However, you can also revert to the sender of messages from the computer itself without touching your phone. For multitasking, the AirDroid screen mirroring app is indeed a leading tool. 

4. AirMirror app feature to control devices remotely

AirDroid web

AirMirror app feature lets you infiltrate your connected smartphone and use any of its apps from the computer. You can play your favorite game, make notes, scroll through media files, and do much more by leveraging the AirDroid cast. The AirMirror app feature is also a perfect tool if you have people who understand smartphones less. You can remotely connect their devices and help them out by taking control of their phones.

5. Turn your phone camera into a web camera

AirDroid cast

While connected, you can convert your smartphone camera into a perfect webcam that can also catch surrounding sounds. To connect to the AirDroid cast for the very first time, you need to grant AirDroid permissions such as camera access and microphone access for this feature to work. Also, AirDroid requires you to have a premium subscription to enable this IP camera feature.

6. Track phones if you lose them

AirMirror app

The AirDroid file transfer app lets you find your connected device by using the GPS location of the device. Not only that, but you also have the ability to erase data completely or lock the device remotely to ensure your phone is not misused with the help of this one of the best location tracking apps for your phones

Pricing of AirDroid

To use premium features of the AirDroid file transfer app like remote smartphone camera access, you need to subscribe to a premium package depending on your requirements. Furthermore, you can find official AirDroid package prices for your reference.

file transfer app

Pros and cons of the AirDroid app

The AirDroid app is indeed very useful, however, the AirDroid download comes with some advantages and disadvantages that we need to discuss before we wind up this AirDroid app review. We will also go through the advantages and disadvantages of the AirDroid app download in points to understand them better.

Pros of the AirDroid app

  • Very easy to connect
  • Requires one-time signup process
  • Secure encryption to protect connected devices
  • Allows you to be flexible with your device permissions
  • Fast connection support makes it a smooth app to use
  • UI with clear instructions make it super easy to use

Cons of the AirDroid app

  • Some features require a premium subscription

How to do screen mirroring with AirDroid?

Screen Mirroring with AirDroid is a very simple process. However, before beginning with the platform, you need to sign up on either the app or the website Here are a few steps that you can follow.

Step 1- On a computer, Go to and click on Create an account

file sharing app

Step 2- Enter your Email address, Password, Repeat the password for confirmation, and a Nickname of your choice

Step 3- Click on the Next button

Step 4- Enter the email verification code

Step 5- Once the signup process is complete, go back to the screen and scan QR from your AirDroid mobile app to connect to the computer

Step 6- Find Cast to Web feature

remote phone access

Step 7- Use the AirDroid app to scan the QR code to connect to the app and begin the screen mirroring process

How to transfer files faster with AirDroid?

The steps that we mentioned under the answer for how to do screen mirroring, follow exactly until step 5. Then, open the folder, including the files that you want to transfer to your computer. Go to photos for pictures and videos, or find Files to explore all types of files from your smartphone. Once found your preferred files, just move them like you move files across your multiple folders on your computer.

Accolades and awards

In the recent G2 2021-2022 Grid Reports, AirDroid has been recognized as one of the best MDM solutions out in the market today. Apart from the G2's Award, AirDroid received praise and award recognition from media around the world like BBC, CNET, Crozdesk, Capttera, etc.

Additional information for the AirDroid file-sharing app

AirDroid cast

MAD Rating

Features- 4.8
Pricing- 4.5
Navigation- 4.6
Security- 4.6

Wrapping Up

After going through features and background of the Airdroid file-sharing app, it has become quite clear for us that the remote phone access app sets a bar for its competitors. The AirDroid file transfer app is indeed making the lives of smartphone users easier by providing them freedom from old-fashioned wires like USBs and making it faster to transfer data even wirelessly. 

In the end, hopefully, any doubts about the efficiency of the AirDroid app that stopped you from initiating AirDroid app downloads are clear now. The AirDroid Cast app is simply a perfect tool existing that you can trust without thinking much.

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