5+ Best IP Camera Apps to Make Your Home Safer

WardenCam, one of the best IP camera apps, lets you use your old devices such as smartphones as surveillance devices.
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September 02, 2021
Best Ip Camera Apps
Security is one of the crucial concerns one has in the time we are living in. With an increasing number of crimes, techniques to counter them are boosting as well. And, technology is playing an important role in that. Take the best IP cam apps for example. These apps, combined with surveillance hardware or smart devices, are capable of keeping your home and loved ones safe. If we consider the data shared by Knoema to display burglary statistics of the US in 2018, there were 1,230,100 such incidents registered within the country itself. Now, you can imagine the need of the hour and how these security camera apps can be helpful as a precaution.

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In this blog, we are discussing a list of such best Wi-Fi camera apps you can have on your smartphone and use with surveillance devices to make sure that your home and loved ones are safe. Keep reading till the end to find an app that suits you the most.

IP camera apps for Android and iOS

Moving further, you will find a list of the IP camera apps along with their features and download links. You can pick the one you prefer and install it on your devices such as smartphones or tablets. So, without further ado, let’s begin!

AtHome Camera

Apple 3.2
android 4.2

This best IP camera app for Android and iOS devices uses other devices such as computers, phones, laptops, among others, to use their camera as the surveillance tool. The app is capable of sending you alerts if a human enters into its detection range while you are not home. With the help of GIFs attached with alerts, you can identify if it is someone you know or your home is at risk.

Features of this best Wi-Fi camera app for Android and iOS

  • The advanced AI monitors your home for human invasion and gives you GIF alerts
  • You can use built-in mic of the device to communicate with the person on the other side
  • The enhanced night vision feature makes it easier to see even in the dark
  • Multi-view allows up to four camera monitoring system
  • The secured cloud space keeps your videos safe
Download this best IP camera app for Android and iOS

Alfred Home Security Camera

Apple 4.7
android 4.7

This one of the best IP cam apps has a network of 25 million users from all over the world. The app is a perfect tool to execute tasks such as home security, baby monitoring, pet watch, and more. The best part about this app is that you can use your devices such as old smartphones to monitor your home.

Features of this best IP camera app for iPhones and Android

  • Use your old devices such as smartphones as the surveillance tool
  • Sync and stream high-quality surveillance videos 24/7
  • With Zoom and siren features, stay alert with real-time updates
  • The cloud storage feature keeps your videos safe
  • Motion detection feature provides alerts in case of movements
Download this best wifi security camera for Android and iOS


Apple 4.1
android 4.1

This one of the best IP webcam track apps includes features such as live monitoring and location tracking. Moreover, the app also uses additional features such as cloud recording to keep your surveillance videos safe. The app allows you to control advanced features like motion or sound detection as per your preference.

Features of this one of the best home security apps

  • The in-built GPS tracker helps you in tracking the usage of the device easily
  • Install this app in your old smartphone and use that as the surveillance camera or GPS tracker
  • Enable motion or sound detection features for better security
  • The remote audio-video recording feature gives you a better control
  • Cloud storage enables backups for recordings you are saving
Download this best security camera app for Android and iOS


Apple 3.7
android 4.0

This Wi-Fi camera app uses your smartphone to turn it into a surveillance camera. You can either go through the live streaming or watch recorded videos save on the cloud space anytime you want. The app includes features such as motion detection for a better security system.

Features of this IP webcam Android

  • Convert your old phones into a surveillance camera with this app
  • Use motion detection feature to get alerts in case of invasions
  • Go through saved videos or review live streaming
  • With 24/7 video surveillance, monitor your home security from anywhere
  • Communicate through the in-built mic and speaker with people on the other side of the screen
Download best wifi camera app for Android and iOS
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IP Cam Viewer Pro

Apple 3.4
android 4.1

This two-way communicator and IP webcam app is a perfect tool to use for the surveillance process. You can use it to keep an eye on the safety of your children from anywhere you want. Moreover, the record feature lets you save your videos in the cloud or offline so you can find them whenever you want.

Features of this one of the best IP camera apps

  • Use this app to make the surveillance process easier by integrating it with the IP camera
  • Moreover, the baby monitor feature enables a two-way communication support
  • Record and control your camera from anywhere in the world
  • Tilt, zoom, and pan camera with the movement of your fingers
  • The recording mode can go on 24X7 for the extra security
Download this best Wi-Fi camera app for Android and iOS

Video Surveillance Ivideo‪n

Apple 4.1
android 4.0

This best IP camera app for iPhones and Android is a perfect surveillance tool you can use for less cost. The app provides you access to high-quality surveillance videos along with other features such as record and store videos 24X7. Moreover, even if you have low bandwidth networks such as 3G, monitoring is still not beyond reach.

Features of this best Wi-Fi security system

  • Access high-quality surveillance videos and save them on the cloud
  • Expand the number of cameras synced with the app
  • Share camera links on the social network for others to review
  • Access videos even on the low bandwidth network such as 3G
  • Quickly search surveillance videos with dates or time and review
Download this one of the best IP camera apps for Android and iOS


Apple 2.3
android 3.1

With iSecurity+, you can worry less about the safety of your home or business. The app, integrated with a camera, gives you remote control over your surveillance devices. You can open the app to review and monitor locations whenever you want. 

Features of this one of the best IP camera apps for Android

  • The app provides you intruder alerts on your phone triggered through motion detection
  • With the app, monitor and control your camera from anywhere in the world
  • The cloud storage feature lets you save recordings 24X7
  • Take shots of important moments or record videos with a single tap
Download this one of the best IP camera apps for Android and iOS
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With increasing security concerns, technology is evolving to provide better protection. Therefore, the best security camera apps we discussed above are one of the few examples. These apps are turning simple devices such as smartphones into surveillance cameras. 

If you are reading this blog as a developer and planning to release your app to serve the market, you should get your app reviewed to know its actual potential first. It will help you in identifying if your smartphone app is going to just survive or thrive in the market.

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