Coolors - The best color palette generator app

Coolors is easy to understand and interesting to use. But is the color scheme generator app the best in business? Check our review to find out.

Updated on April 05, 2024
Coolors - The best color palette generator app

When I say colors in editing, I imagine myself in the phase of experimentation. Seems all fun and games until it buzzes me out to go for the right combinations. Have you been in a similar situation?

A major hassle- Struggling amidst an app’s color palette generator for minutes, at times hours, yet not able to decide the right combination or even a single shade. To make matters worse, even if you decide on a standard color for once, you forget it by the next time you edit. Is there a pertinent solution to all this? Yes, there is, and the solution is the code based hex colour scheme generator ‘Coolors’ app.

What does the Coolors app do?

Coolors has been around for a long time and is probably the simplest productivity app you’ll ever see. It’s a color scheme generator app for iOS devices with a wide gamut of colors to choose from. The color palette app enables you as a user to find new palettes with just a touch. For web and app designers who are quite precise about what to follow and whatnot, it has been a real help as earlier there wasn’t any go-to app for colour combination. Ever since Coolors came out, the color palette generator app has made it easier for designers to create color schemes as per their desire.

You can create endless color palettes using the app, and even if you don’t like the combination on your screen, you can create another one instantly. It’s like a slot machine with infinite chances. The creator of Coolors, Fabrizio Bianchi made the color palette app out of necessity as he felt previous palette generators were very complex and provided so many customisations that it consumed a lot of time. He also felt that the easy ones are like ‘flipping through paint swatches.’ Thus, he wanted to create a basic color combo maker where palettes were already present; you just needed to form your own and optimise as per your will. The app is now owned and promoted by the American online learning community, Skillshare.

But is it all worth it? In this Coolors app review, you will get to know it’s features/functionality, it’s positives and negatives.

About the Coolors app


The logo defines the app. The capital C with a color palette inside is basically what the app looks when you open it. It’s good when your app is uncomplicated even the logo should complement the same.

Features of Coolors App

  • The app opens up with a palette of 5 colors, and with one tap, you can change it.
  • You can customise each bar of color according to your convenience.
  • If you’ve selected a particular color bar or two from a palette, you can lock it/them and tap for a newer palette to further choose from.
  • Pick and place a color bar anywhere. Use this feature to compare different color bars.
  • The selected palettes can be saved in your devices.
  • Coolors is also a color palette generator from image app where it picks colors used in the picture and creates a palette underneath the image.
  • By picking a color from an image, you get a Hex color code which you can paste on the Coolors app palette. The palette adhering to the Hex code will come into display.
  • It provides 4 color models viz. RGB, CMYK, HEX, HSB which make it friendly for digital as well as print.
  • From the Browser widget, you can go through all your saved palettes.
  • Since it has cloud storage, thousands of palettes can be saved which you can access anywhere by logging into your account.


The app is only available on the App Store and has installation charges. It will cost you $1.99 on purchase. But if purchased, you get the Family Sharing option where the app can be shared with five more people.

Hits and Strikes of Coolors App


  • Extremely fast and simple to use
  • Has the option to save in PDF, PNG, SCSS, SVG or can be exported via URLs
  • Amazing palette collections
  • Easy customisation of palettes
  • An amazing color combination generator


  • Coolors is not free but a paid color palette maker app
  • The app has not been updated for almost 4 years now

MAD Verdict- Coolors App Review

Design- 4 stars
Support- 3 stars
Usability-  4.5 stars
Features-  5 stars

MAD Rates: 4.5 stars

If you’re a web/mobile app designer or into photography and editing photos for high-quality platforms like Viewbug, Coolors is the best color palette app you need to install right away. The app is an excellent color combination generator and is useful for every designing purpose. From a UI designer who’s working on app development to a photographer who does photoshoots for magazines can use this app to fruition.  

Coolors is used for more than 500,000 creatives every day and has been ranked 33 among Productivity apps in the App Store. The web app version is an even better color scheme tool. If you use Adobe editors like PhotoShop, CorelDRAW, InDesign, etc. a lot, then you can use this app for color palette generator from hex codes and carry on your work with ease. Although not for free, the app for color combination will be worth every penny you spend on it.

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