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Boom App Review: Feel the Music

A powerful bass booster and an equalizer!

Updated on April 01, 2024
Boom App Review: Feel the Music

The real quality of a song you listen to comes out only when it is played on the right audio player. After all, elements like echo, bass, sound levels, and more contribute to the listening experience. Thus, it is important for such elements to be perfect. Now, there are plenty of top music players in the market that claim to have all qualities required for an amazing music experience. But how do you find the right tool and trust the tool that you shortlist? That’s the tricky part.

To solve this problem, we have found Boom, a perfect combination of music player and equalizer that can improve the way you hear your music. In this Boom app review, we are going to discuss features to understand why you should download this popular music player. We will also go through the pros and cons of the Boom music player to prepare you for everything. And in the end, before we wind up this Boom review, we will rate it on the basis of a few influencing factors.

So, without further ado, let’s begin with this Boom app review!

Background of the Boom app

Boom app is a product of Global Delight Technologies which was founded by Rohit Bhat. The first version of the Boom app was launched in Feb 2011 on macOS. Later on, the Boom app joined the smartphone world with its iOS app which was released on May 04, 2016.

Features of the Boom for iPhones and Android app

These features of the Boom for Android and iOS will help us and you in understanding this amazing music app better. Additionally, we will also consider these features as one of the crucial factors in rating the app before winding up this Boom review. So, let’s have a look at these features!

1. Supports the local library, Spotify, and even cloud music

Boom App Review

Whether to stream Spotify music, music saved on cloud services like Dropbox or Google Drive, or play the music that you keep offline, the Boom app provides support for all. You can just sync these music locations with the app and you are ready to experience your favorite songs in high quality.

2. Use headphones to experience 3D and surround sound

Boom App Review

With the 3D audio technology of this best music player for Android and iOS devices, you get to experience 3D and surround sound with the help of its unique technology that enables these experiences on any headphones that you use. The advanced equalizer app supports hi-res audio formats such as AIFF, FLAC, WAV, DSF, and ALAC as well. 

3. Advanced equalizer to help you in improving your experience

Boom App Review

In the Boom app, there are 22 handcrafted equalizers to influence the way you stream your music. Pick equalizers from this bass booster & equalizer app as you like them and jam to your favorite rhythm anytime you want. Combined with 3D surround sound and a powerful Bass, every song you hear will have a new experience to offer.

4. Explore thousands of radio stations and podcasts 

Boom App Review

On the Boom online music player, you get over 20,000 radio stations from around the world. The best MP3 player includes local and international radio stations in its list. Additionally, there are over 20,000 podcasts as well that you can listen to on this free music player. In short, your entertainment will have almost no restrictions on languages, countries, or timings with this best music downloader.

5. Automatically tune the app depending on your headphones

Boom App Review

Another top feature of this one of the best music players is its ability to tune your headphones automatically to offer the best possible quality of audio listening experience. The Boom for iPhone app recognizes your headphones and automatically tunes the music experience by using its amazing bass booster & equalizer technology. Combined with its 3D surround sound, you will not want to stop listening.

Pros and cons of the Boom app with powerful bass

Well, Boom online music player indeed has some of the best features among top audio players existing in the market. However, to know this best MP3 player better, we need to look into its pros and cons as well. Let’s have a look!

Pros of the Boom bass booster & equalizer app

  • Easy to navigate
  • Downloaded millions of times
  • Supports 10 languages for the UI
  • A 7-day trial is included as well

Cons of the Boom bass booster & equalizer app

  • Paid in-app features
  • Includes ads

Additional features of the Boom advanced equalizer app

Additional features

MAD Rating

Pricing- 4.2
Features- 4.7
Navigation- 4.5
Security- 4.1

Wrapping up

Well, drafting this Boom review gave us an insight into how this 3D audio technology app differs from its competitors already existing in the market. Undoubtedly, Boom is the best music player that comes with smart features. These features not only improve the audio listening experience but also make the song more suitable for events where better bass is required such as parties, clubs, etc. In short, with all the features that this Boom for Android and iOS has to offer, it is easily a perfect pick for personal music listening needs and for group events or parties too.

Lastly, we hope that this Boom for iPhone and Android review helped you in understanding the app’s potential better. However, if you are an app developer as well and reading this Boom app review for some inspiration, you should definitely write to us to get your app reviewed. These app reviews are helpful for you if you want to figure out the extra potential of your app that can be unlocked.

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