GSC Performance Reports Delayed Due To Latency Issues

GSC Performance Reports Delayed Due To Latency Issues

Date: July 03, 2024

Google Search Console is delaying the performance reports due to high latency issues. The last available report was updated on 28th June 2024.

Google Search Console is one of the most reliable tools to measure the performance of a website and its various pages. The GSC performance reports are not updating on servers, and the delay has lasted for over 65 hours now. The last available report is from 29th June for many and 28th June for a big chunk of Search Console users.

Many users took to the complaint forum of Google’s official website to share their concerns, but not response has been received. However, experts from the Google Community have responded to multiple complaints stating that the company is working on a resolution, and the websites’ performance is not hampered due to this glitch.

Google Search Central has posted one response regarding the issue, but it seems mostly vague. The official post on X says “We have been experiencing latency issues with the Search Performance reports. We're working to solve this soon and will update here when the issues are resolved. We apologize for the inconvenience.” 

Latency issues often cause delays but are resolved before the delays cross the standard operating procedures. However, this time the delay has lasted for over 65 hours, and the last report was updated on 29th June 2024. While the glitch at Google’s end does not impact any website’s performance, it does reduce real-time transparency of visitor data. This lack of visibility can halt optimization efforts, and inaccuracies in visitor analytics like click through rate, average position, and more. 

Sometimes things are just slow. Sorry for the delays with the data. It doesn’t mean that there isn’t another search update happening, it’s just that this is definitely not a sign of a search update.” The last sentence in the Tweet can create tension among many GSC users as the tech giant has prior history of bringing abrupt updates that impact their websites to a large extent.  

- John Mueller, a Google Search representative posted on X

Google has acknowledged the latency issue, and is working on it without any clarity on the correction timeline. With the delay time increasing, users are switching to the best SEO tool alternatives to Google Search Console. This switch may hamper Google’s revenue significantly, if not rectified at the earliest.

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