Apple Weather’s Upgrade Unlocks Exciting Tracking Features

Apple Weather’s Upgrade Unlocks Exciting Tracking Features

Date: July 04, 2024

Apple is about to launch iOS 18, which brings a slew of new features, including two key upgrades to the long-standing Weather App.

Apple is almost at the ribbon-cutting date of launching iOS 18 worldwide. As announced at the WWDC 2024, Apple has brought multiple upgrades to the new OS system, offering significant improvements to its service offerings. One of the them is the Weather App, which apart from some aesthetic renovations, did not witness any functional upgrade for years. Apple Weather is a dedicated climate tracking and forecast service from Cupertino, and is one of the most used in-built applications on Apple devices.

With the iOS 18 update, the Weather app will improve forecast precision, and unlock two new features that give users more information about what to expect for the day. The first feature upgrade includes ‘Feels Like’ revamp. The Feels Like tab that shows a slightly different temperature to the one shown by the National Weather database, will now be shown on the top area of the Weather app screen. 

Earlier it was much smaller in size and was placed in the middle left or right area. The feels like feature provides an on-ground information about daily weather, and helps people prepare better for the worst possible conditions.

Apple Weather App now supports multiple location forecast display. This upgrade brings users the power to know the weather forecast of the most common places they visit everyday. For the working class, the Weather app will now provide smart weather notifications of Home and Office location based on time, day, and user patterns. Apple Intelligence will play a key role in providing advanced capabilities like accuracy of information, and real-time access to any abrupt changes in the weather.

Users can also set forecast notifications and tracking for travel locations. However, the accuracy of weather updates still depends heavily on online network availability, and may differ in efficiency during travel as networks get weak in certain areas. This feature has already been tested and fully launched in the Maps application, allowing users to track multiple locations at the same time.

iOS 18 will bring a range of features that not only enhance user experience, but also improve the reliability and interoperability of multiple applications. Apple Intelligence will take the center stage, with its branches spreading to almost every application at OS level. iOS 18 will also provide better compatibility support for many weather apps.

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