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10 Top Email Apps for iPhone in 2021

The best email app for iPhone will make your will help you have better control of your inbox.

email apps for ios

Emails can be referred to as the digital hub of modern life. The essential communication, be it in the office or with any distant person, requires sending and receiving emails through email clients. Well, it is not only about the communication; scheduling an appointment, saving receipts, keeping the important information on emails have all become part of the emailing. 

Our email box is always cluttered and loaded with hundreds of emails that come to us only to add some heavy GB storage to an already full inbox. We rarely look at such an issue and honestly, none of us consider the topic even a subject of attention, which adds importance to know about the best third-party email apps for iOS. 

List of Top Third-Party Email Apps For 2021

Top email applications are a rarity. Here’s our extended list of the top 10 third-party email apps for you to try out this year:   

1. Spark

Another great application that takes the burden off your shoulder to organize the emails for you. It offers easier ways to organize all your emails category-wise within a unified inbox. That’s easy and visually attractive too. 

This best iOS email app, allows you to have a better shareability in several ways. It will help you attach files from Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, and OneDrive. Some additional offerings include the compatibility of the application with Pocket, Evernote. The app offers a speedy chat option just like a top-notch messaging app with anyone with a Thanks or a Like.

Spark - Best Email App For iphone

Notable features of Spark, one of the best iPhone email apps:

  • Dark mode
  • Smart categorization of emails
  • Find emails easily 

Download this best iOS email app

2. Airmail 

Easily the best mail app for iPhone, the Drafts app offers a lot more than just an email to users. With the Airmail app, you can create notes and edit them with ease besides taking care of your emails. In addition to emails, you get customizable edits and options to link your text to any app and even to tweet or type your message. 

With an app like this, you get to choose from multiple productivity features that are rarely offered by other apps. The best part, while typing you can adjust the whole interface of your text just the way you want it. 

Airmail - Best Email App For iphone

Notable features of Airmail, one of the best email apps for iPhone:

  • Customizable Editing 
  • Multiple productivities in one app
  • The adjustable interface of texts  

Download this best mail app for iOS

3. Microsoft Outlook 

Another best mail app for iPhone, arranging your emails with this application is easy. The revamped version of Outlook is much more advanced, feature-rich, and a great offering for users in real life. 

Call it a mobile productivity powerhouse or the most essential app for managing your emails, Microsoft Outlook is essential when it comes to managing the emails properly in your inbox. There is a built-in analytics engine that adds more features to the application. It’s a great offering that works exceptionally well with Yahoo mail and iCloud email.

Microsoft Outlook - Best Email App For iphone

Notable features of Microsoft Outlook, one of the top iOS email apps:

  • All emails in one place
  • Quickly schedule or archive messages
  • Sharing information with just a tap

Download this best email app for iOS

4. Newton Mail by CloudMagic

The Newton iPhone mail app is different from other iOS email clients as it is a subscription-based service. The services are available for $50 a year but offer great value to the users. 

Likewise, the best thing about the application is that it works exceptionally well with several email services that include Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, Outlook, iCloud, Exchange, as well as all the IMAP accounts. It has many features that any general user would expect from such an application Snooze, Read Receipts, Send Later, and Connected Apps, and more. 

Newton Mail - Best Email App For iphone

Notable features of Newton Mail, one of the best iPhone email apps:

  • Multiple accounts in one place
  • Read receipts
  • Recap on important emails

Download this iPhone mail app for iOS

5. Gmail

If you are an avid Google user, Gmail is a must as your third-party email app for the iOS device. The official best Gmail app for iPhone needs no mention owing to the popularity it has among the users. There is a range of features to suit the requirements of the clients including scheduled calendar invites, sharing documents directly to other users, and the clients through Google doc sharing. The Gmail app even suggests words to use when typing an email which makes your emails look professional.  

Cloud sharing is another feature of the application that adds more to the feature of the app. Seamlessly integrating your docs within Google drive is another advantage. 

Gmail - Best Email App For iphone

Notable features of Gmail, one of the best iPhone email apps:

  • Cloud sharing
  • Fastest undo and send
  • Fast reply suggestions 

Download this best secure email app for iOS

6. Yahoo Mail 

Yahoo’s best iOS email app is one of the top iOS email apps where you get just about everything you possibly hope for from an email app. Users can sign in and handle emails from multiple accounts, whether it’s your Gmail, Outlook, or AOL, and options are plentiful with this email app. The best part about this app is that you get clutter free mail. You even get to add customization to your emails. 

Yahoo Mail - Best Email App For iphone

Notable features of Yahoo Mail, one of the best email apps:

  • Add customization to your mail
  • Supportable with multiple accounts
  • Smart updates

Download this best secure email app for iOS

7. Unibox

Another iPhone mail app that deserves to be the best email client for iOS, Unibox makes emailing much easier. The best feature of the app is that it creates a group by the name of the sender. So you do not need to scroll down every mail, rather you get all your mails by the name of the sender and you can access them directly.  

Unibox - Best Email App For iphone

Notable features of Unibox iPhone mail, best email client for iOS:

  • Email groupings by name
  • Users can work with multiple email accounts
  • Easily delete dozens of newsletters

Download this best email client for iOS

8. Mail by Apple

Another best email client for iPhone that offers a desktop-like feel for creating an email, the email app by Apple allows users to use multiple accounts with features like blocking unwanted senders or muting overly regular emails. 

Mail By Apple - Best Email App For iphone

Notable features of Mail by Apple, best iOS mail app:

  • Block unwanted user emails
  • Mute mail
  • Desktop-like tools in an app

Download this email app for iOS

9. Canary Mail

An email app that allows users to handle mail from multiple accounts in one place, Canary Mail offers email encryption, which is also one of the standout features of the app. Apart from this, the app has all the features you expect to get from a top email app whether you want to read receipts or calendar and so on. 

Canary Mail - Best Email App For iphone

Notable features of Canary Mail, best iOS mail app:

  • Encrypted emails
  • Dark email composer mode
  • Custom snooze time and suggestions 

Download this email app for iOS

10. Email By Edison

The most important of all advantages, the Edison email app is easy to set up and use too. That means the installation is easy. This is not all why I have included the app in the list. It supports Gmail, Hotmail, iCloud, Yahoo, Outlook, Exchange, and more and that makes the app impressive to all. 
Users are given access to a unified inbox, which helps them effortlessly manage their subscriptions. The app supports Touch ID as well as 3D Touch and also helps to track the alerts of emails that land directly to your inbox.

If you wish to know more about this app, you can read the full review of Email By Edison app here.

Email By Edison - Best Email App For iphone

Notable features of Email By Edison, one of the best iOS mail apps:

  • 3D Touch
  • Quick Alerts
  • Support multiple accounts 
  • Users get a unified inbox 

Download this best email app iOS

The Upshot

This brings an end to this write-up with the best third-party email app iOS devices support. In addition to this, there are many top third-party email apps for Android that provide ease of working. These email apps not only support multiple accounts but there is an ease in working with these apps too, which is notable to a great extent. If you are one of the users who has a lot of emailing necessities, any one of the above-listed applications can be chosen to perform the task. 

So if you like this article, want to share your suggestions with us on the best third-party email apps or want to get your apps reviewed, connect with MobileAppDaily.

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