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Samsung Galaxy S9 Android Pie Beta Program: Countdown Begins

Android Pie beta program for Samsung Galaxy S9 was much awaited Galaxy S9 Android Pie Beta Program: Countdown Begins

In the last few years, Samsung has been releasing beta programs for the latest Android OS (Operating System) version at that time, specifically on its flagship smartphone series. And this year too, the famous tech organization has decided not to break the annual tradition by launching an Android Pie Beta Program for Samsung Galaxy S9 devices.

It has been speculated that the Korean Android company, Samsung is currently preparing to release its own customized beta program for Android Pie. We are well aware of the fact that Android P is Google's latest operating system version update and that's why there's some confusion surrounding this whole situation.

Even though Samsung has not released any official statement regarding the launch of its latest Android beta program, but there is plenty of evidence to state otherwise. For instance, the EULA and FAQ pages for Samsung’s firmware beta program have been updated in the US with references to Android Pie (Android 9). Another thing about this Android Pie beta program is that it will be released for Samsung Galaxy S9 devices including Samsung Galaxy S9+ as well as Samsung Experience 10.

Android Pie Beta

To get updated to the latest version of the operating system as soon as possible is something that every user looks forward to. But this process of updating the OS may slow down a little because of device incompatibility as companies tend first to release updates for their flagship models. Samsung is also one of those Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) that are known for releasing updates in a regular pattern.

Like any other operating system updates, it is likely that the initial few update releases of Android Pie OS will be buggy and unstable, but this is what beta programs are for. With this Android Pie beta program, the users mainly Android app developers will be able to submit their suggestions along with bug reports if encountered any.

Once the release is made official, a community forum for the Android Pie beta program will be created to discuss the program of the beta version on Samsung Galaxy S9 smartphones. The team of Samsung is also known to check every post published on the community forum to gather information regarding the user's preferences regarding the update.

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