Samsung Galaxy S10 Specifications, Price, Release Date & Rumours
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Samsung Galaxy S10 Specifications, Price, Release Date, Rumours, And Everything We Know So Far

Samsung could launch three variants under Galaxy S10 in 2019. Galaxy S10 Specifications, Price, Release Date, Rumours, And Everything We Know So Far

The Samsung Galaxy S10 is in the process of taking the entire mobile industry by storm, as rumors suggest. But the real question that comes to smartphone enthusiasts is, ‘Can this new Galaxy smartphone meet the expectations?' So, to save yourself from the trouble of finding answers to this question, we have specially curated this article to share all crucial information regarding the newest member Samsung Galaxy family.

In a statement made by DJ Koh, CEO of Samsung’s mobile division, it was promised that the Galaxy S10 smartphone will feature some 'very significant' changes with respect to the design of the device and more 'amazing' colors will be added. This statement surely cleared our doubts regarding the organization's effort for the 10th anniversary of Samsung Galaxy's flagship smartphones.

Things to Know About Samsung Galaxy S10

As the Samsung Galaxy S10 is a major part of marking down Samsung’s 10th-anniversary milestone, we thought it would be great to promote the same event theme. So, keep on reading to know the 5 things that you probably didn’t know about the Samsung Galaxy S10:

Samsung Galaxy S10 Design

Samsung is said to be launching three different versions of the Galaxy S10 which are referred to under the code name 'Beyond' i.e. Beyond 0, Beyond 1 and Beyond 2 for Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10 Plus and Galaxy S10 Mini respectively. The Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10 Plus are said to support the FOD (Fingerprint-On-Display) technology along with AMOLED display screens.

On the other hand, many sources refer to the Galaxy S10 Mini a.k.a. Beyond 0 as an affordable and budget-version of the latest Galaxy flagship device featuring a side-mounted fingerprint sensor.  

Samsung Galaxy S10 Screen

When it comes to the screen size of the Samsung Galaxy S10 smartphone, reports tend to vary a lot. For instance, the TF International Securities analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo, claimed that the three versions of S10 will have screen sizes of 5.8-inch display, 6.1-inch display, and 6.4-inch display screens. Out of the three, only two high-end models will consist of in-display fingerprint sensors.  

Samsung Galaxy S10 Screen

The above image illustrates the concept of 'Under Panel Sensor' which is meant to allow the front-facing camera to see through the display of the Galaxy smartphone when required. This concept is implemented correctly that can eliminate the need for the notch.

Another interesting technology that has been speculated by a majority of people is the 'Sound-of-Display' where the display will have an in-built front-facing speaker. To be honest, these advanced technologies will be very interesting to review.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Specifications

Samsung Galaxy S10 might be the first smartphone to feature Qualcomm's next-generation processor i.e. Snapdragon 8150. It is highly possible that the company will bring together 4GB of RAM and 64GB storage for the low-end variant of the Galaxy S10 with a 5.8-inch display. The other two high-end S10 models can come forward with a 6GB or 8GB of RAM along with a 513 storage space.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Security

With every smartphone company coming out with their personalized device unlocking mechanisms, the bar set for Samsung’s latest flagship phone is high. The Samsung Galaxy S9 has Intelligent Scan technology to capture a hybrid image of users' faces with iris information as well. This form of unlocking the device was not essentially secure, especially in the case of purchase verification. A much better and more advanced version of this technology is now released by Apple with the name Face ID.

Looking at a series of events, maybe Samsung may not proceed with the face unlock technology with S10 instead the chances of using a new fingerprint sensor are much higher.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Camera

One thing that we can be certain about is the phenomenal camera that Samsung integrates with all of its Galaxy devices. Earlier, we witnessed the great improvement the brand did in the Samsung Galaxy S9 smartphone. This time Samsung has decided to add more lenses to improve camera performance.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Camera

According to Sammobile, the Galaxy S10 will launch with a back camera consisting of three lenses where the main lens will be the one used in the Galaxy S9. This also concludes that 12-megapixel, 16-megapixel and 13-megapixel lens will be somehow complementing one another to deliver a superior performance.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Release Date

There have been several arguments regarding the release date of this Galaxy S10 by Samsung. The Bell has reported that Samsung is hoping for a New Year Anniversary celebration i.e. an early January release. But on the other hand, people are not expecting Samsung executives to break their annual tradition of revealing the products at the MWC 2019 event.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Price

There's no denying the fact that the S10 smartphone will vary in price according to hardware specifications and device models. But lower-end models of S10 are subjected to a range of $700 and high-end models may range from $900 to $1100.

The Wrapup

So, these were some of the most important things about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S10 flagship smartphone. At this point in time, we can just cover the basics with the speculations surrounding the S10 device. Let us know in the 'Comment' section, what do you expect from the Galaxy S10?  

Also, we are pretty sure that you don’t want to miss another update from the Samsung Galaxy S10 and don't worry we won't let you. So, all you need to hit that 'Subscribe' button and we will keep you updated with all the new findings on Galaxy S10.


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