Samsung Galaxy S10 Specifications, Price, Release Date & Rumours

Samsung Galaxy S10 Specifications, Price, Release Date, Rumours, And Everything We Know So Far

Samsung could launch three variants under Galaxy S10 in 2019.

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Samsung Galaxy S10

Samsung holds the reputation of leading the industry with innovations and a new approach towards the users. The smartphone maker uses its flagship series, Galaxy S to reshape the smartphone industry. Every year, Samsung launches a new Galaxy S smartphone to rise the competition and mark new levels for its competitors. Launched in 2018, Samsung Galaxy S8 and S9 were powerful devices that came with some unique advancements. However, 2019 will be the 10th anniversary of the Samsung Galaxy S series which started back in 2009. We expect the company to launch Samsung Galaxy S10 in 2019 with some jaw-dropping surprises.

Similar to iPhone X, the Galaxy S10 could be the game changer for Samsung that will redefine the Galaxy S series. For now, the company hasn't quoted anything officially about the upcoming S10, but we have some rumors and leaks like always. Here is more information that we have been able to fetch so far on Samsung Galaxy S10.

News And Rumours About Samsung Galaxy S10 So Far

Most of the smartphone makers are moving towards the full-screen front using different approaches. Apple started the revolution with a notch in the display with iPhone X, and now Oppo uses the motorized camera to achieve approximately 92% screen to body ratio. So, it is not wrong to expect that Samsung will also go for the same, S8 and S9 already have a bigger screen with the minimal bezel to simplify the work. The latest rumors suggest that the smartphone maker is working on display within in-screen fingerprint sensor like Vivo X21 to make Galaxy S10 a full front screen smartphone. There is no information about the front camera position and how the company will manage it to keep the front screen free. The phone is expected to break the Galaxy series design shell with some new approach and tweaks. Samsung would come with bit more sleek model in 2019 having the full glass design.

TuSamsung Galaxy S10

More Powerful Camera for Samsung Galaxy S10

Samsung uses ISOCELL camera sensors in its flagship smartphones that take unrivaled images. But, the company has recently launched ISOCELL Plus technology for the camera that is capable of capturing more light than simple ISOCELL sensors. According to the company, the new sensor captures almost 15% more light than the sensors currently active in the Samsung smartphones. The improved light sensitivity helps the camera to multiply the image quality. Besides, the sensors are equipped with 0.8-micrometer (µm) and smaller-sized pixels that make it easy to built high-resolution cameras having lenses more than 20MP. Moreover, the front camera will be equipped with more powerful sensors that will provide excellent selfie experience. So, we expect the company to use its newly launched ISOCELL Plus sensors in Galaxy S10 next year.

 Galaxy S10 Camera

There may be triple camera system in Galaxy S10.

Samsung will be putting all of its efforts to make 2019 its best year with Galaxy S10. This expectation is also confirmed by The Electronic Times who claimed that the company would be coming with three different S10 models. There will be an affordable one, mid-range variant and the expensive one. The high-end Galaxy S10 model will come with a 6.4-inch curved display with alluring design. Besides, The Bell found that Galaxy S10 will bosts a triple camera system along with in-display fingerprint sensor and facial recognition authentication.

 Galaxy S10 Triple camera

How many Samsung Galaxy S10 variant will be there?

Since 2015, Samsung has launched two different variants of the Galaxy S every year. However, the company could change the pattern next year by introducing three different Galaxy S10 models. According to the rumors the company will be coming with three S10 variants codenamed Beyond 0, Beyond 1 and Beyond 2. The Beyond 0 will be entry-level Galaxy S10, and Beyond 1 will be under the mid-range offering. The Beyond three is expected to be the expensive one with the larger screen, triple camera system, and in-display fingerprint sensor.

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Samsung Galaxy S10 Price & Release Date

Samsung uses the MWC stage to unveil its new Galaxy S series upgrade every year, however, this year it held a separate conference for S8 launch. So, there is a fair chance that we will be getting the first look of  Galaxy S10 at MWC 2019 which is scheduled for February 25 to February 28 in Barcelona. On the other hand, we believe that Samsung will hold a separate conference for the launch to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Galaxy S series. The Galaxy S10 will be available for the consumers to buy after 3-4 weeks of launch.

Samsung Galaxy S10

Talking about the Galaxy S10 price, we believe that the three variant of the Galaxy S10 smartphone will change the things. The three models will cover a vast price range for the users depending upon their requirement and budget. The Galaxy S9 starts at $720, so we expect the affordable S10 version to cost somewhere around $650- $700. The mid-range variant will cost equal to S9 + price that is $800. The top model of the upgraded series could go up to $999 price tag due to the extra features and larger screen.

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