Props Love: Show Appreciation

Props Love app is a worthwhile app which anyone can use and help organizations to know how they are performing.

Updated on April 05, 2024
Props Love: Show Appreciation

Appreciation and praise can do wonders. But in our busy-dizzy world, we hardly get any time to honor people for their deeds. We often get swayed by our necessity to jump from one place to another.

A famous French Enlightenment writer, historian, and philosopher named Voltaire once quoted,

“Appreciation is a wonderful thing. It makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well.”

The above statement rightly states that people who are doing good work deserve to be recognized and that’s the whole motto behind the new app called Props Love. The social app is primarily aimed at complimenting the customer service.

If you ever come by excellent customer service, this app offers you to show your appreciation by submitting recommendations, compliments and personal notes of gratitude. The employee can further redeem the accumulated positive props for real rewards such as gift cards.

About Props Love App

Props Love is an excellent app to show thankfulness and appreciation to people around you. For organizations, the app seems to be the right tool that can help them with an amazing understanding of their representative's qualities and in general achievement.

George Goodwyn, Jr., creator of Props Love, explained,

“I kept thinking that there has to be a better way to appreciate people. As a small business owner, I know what it’s like to try to encourage and motivate your own employees. Imagine if people started receiving real appreciation and encouragement and were told that they were doing a fantastic job.”

By adding authentic and explicit remarks, we can actually help organizations perceive and motivate greatness among their staff.

About Props Love App

Who Can Benefit From the App?

Although there is no dearth of profoundly gifted people, still, not many do their work with commitment and trustworthiness. And sometimes, the lack of commitment is drawn from the absence of acknowledgment. 

Props Love is an app that is planned for helping committed experts get the due acknowledgment for their excellent work. Not only for experts, but the application can also be beneficial for organizations in perceiving the dedicated workers and getting genuine input about their presentation.

Especially for organizations, the management can send props to the employees who have done well in the work environment to motivate them. To cater to the professionals, the social app is packed with a feature called Business Profiles. It allows managers and leaders to promote their businesses.

The customer service profile is one of the notable features of this app, as it helps the employees to build their resume with real feedback from customers, which, of course, adds to the credibility. After all, employers recognize results, and the positive feedback from users exhibits the value you bring to the business.

Props Love Features

The following are the striking features of the Props Love app:

1. Customer Service Profile

Anyone can create the service profile which reflects the strengths and the kudos he/she has received. Undoubtedly, the positive feedback helps you build your skills and continue being excellent. To put it simply, Props Love can be a resume builder with positive feedback to share.

2. Feedback & Props

You can send Props to those who have excelled in the workplace to show your appreciation and this way, you can recognize good service and thank them for their hard work. And if you have your profile over this app, you can share positive feedback from other users.

3. Social Business Networking

Business networking opportunities work as per your service and for that, you need to add your Props to your resume. The app gives you an option where you can receive Props to see how your strengths have improved another person’s experience. You can also send/receive gratitude, encouragement, and notes from those who appreciate you and find more motivation for your work.

4. Earn Rewards

With the Earn Rewards option, you can get gift cards by cashing in your Props Points. It actually can push people to go the extra mile for someone and earn rewards in return.

In-app Purchases and Availability

The app is free to download and install but to make changes in the business profile icon, pictures, links to social accounts, and a couple of more things, you will require to shell out some bucks. Once you have the premium profile, you get to choose a “Favorite Prop.”

If the app is downloaded for an organization, then it makes more sense to spend some bucks and get more from this app.

In terms of availability, the app can be downloaded from Play Store, as well as, from the App Store.

In-app Purchases and Availability

MAD Verdict: Props Love App Review

In our in-detail review, we found the app supportive and is intended to honor and highlight the exemplary work of the workers. The app can actually be a handy tool for both the employers and the employees. With its features like social-networking and reward system, Props Love is one of its kind apps that have walked the way that was earlier unexplored.

The app monitors the feedback that you get from clients. The best thing about feedback is it rouses you to put forth a strong effort and in case of negative feedback, you can work on your professional skills and overcome your shortcomings.

Next time, don’t forget to say thank you for good customer service with the Props Love app.

If you have any similar app that can help people to be productive, do share with us and the MAD experts will unearth every detail of that app. Keep up the appreciation.

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