Calendar.Ai: A must-have app for all professionals

Calendar.Ai enables professionals to easily multi-task with easy work, communication and life synchronization options in real time.

Updated on July 16, 2020
Calendar.Ai: A must-have app for all professionals

Sadly, a day is made up of just 24 hours, which includes a healthy working time of 7-8 hours daily. But, humans as we are, and the amount of things that we do and need to cope with on a daily basis, requires much more time than that and not to mention a superhuman effort. Calendar.Ai app is a helping hand, a free appointment scheduling app right inside your smartphone that helps manage both, time as well as effort.

Synchronizing Life ..

We all agree that we are the smart generation with the never-ending heed that we pay to our smart devices including, our laptops, smartphones, smartwatch, smart tv, etc. It is a necessity these days with constant emails, reminders, to-do lists, important calls, social media feeds to be looked into and required to be sorted on time. Calendar.Ai is a calendar-centric solution, which in the form of a business calendar app, synchronizes calendar entries, calls, and emails in one place; complete with options to add-in customized reminder notes and tasks with each of them.

You need to make a work call. Calendar.Ai, the best calendar app for business allows you to 

  • schedule the call, 
  • learn about the profile of the contact you are calling, 
  • a peek into his or her schedule to reschedule or create the next meeting, and 
  • even in between and after the call, allows the user to make personal notes to remember. 

Calendar.Ai just added an edge of efficiency to that work call. 

Be it a work call or an important meeting,  this app helps sort out all pre-meeting and post meetings by helping aggregate related mails, lists, related individuals profiles, their individual calendars, etc. In simple words, if a task gets listed on the Calendar.Ai app; its relatives take a step closer to realization itself. 

Ai app review


A successful and unsuccessful person categorically is indulged in doing similar things in life, i.e. managing work, looking out for the family, checking out friends, and somewhere between trying to handle and manage life. The difference lies in ‘the way’ they do things. There are various other calendar apps available like Any.do. But, Calendar.Ai is a business calendar app for android to manage everything and manage well. It manages calls, to-do lists, emails, and personal profiles in a manner that the user gets a bird’s eye view of their time and the things to do, complete with notifications about emails to send, caller notes, caller profiles, friends and colleagues social media lookups, etc.

Calendar.Ai is a business calendar that helps make and genuinely manage routines. The usability of the app has had it featured in the MobileAppDaily’s Top 20 most Productive apps list. This free appointment scheduling app allows complete customization of calendar entries, schedules in a color-coded manner for easy view. It offers options to repeat an event entry and easy synchronization to other smart devices ensures the user has access to their daily-lists and schedules at all times. Even, activities like eating time, sleeping time, jog, calls can be scheduled, with pre-notification and reminders in pace. Calendar.Ai includes telephone directory services to know who to connect with and to know who is spam and is also sharable for the family (up to 6 members). Thus, this business calendar app helps to resolve all-time issues.

In the event of a presumed meeting mentioned on the calendar.ai app, it lets the viewer check on the participants, their profiles, social media activities, emails exchanged, task lists made; all at one place. It is thus a boon for any working professional, available in the form of an android calendar app as well as on the apple store. 

The Artificial Intelligence based structure lets the app schedule, reschedule and synchronize meetings and give complete information, therein to the users, without wasting any time or effort in the. Now that’s called really smart!!

Features of Calendar.Ai App 

As a comprehensive shared calendar app for business, Calendar.Ai supercharges your calls, emails, and calendars with features like:

  1. Insightful Information

    With the help of Artificial Intelligence, the app enables its viewers to check in on the bio’s, profiles and social media outages of people that are part of their calendar. Thus, it is a truly, smart calendar.

  2. Easy Scheduling

    With Hily, you can share your stories every day with users which might arouse more interest for your profile. You can also browse through other such short videos instead of just browsing through user profiles. Another AI-led feature. The app allows the scheduling of user’s time and synchronizations of timelines with others to schedule meetings. It helps to save on mails and communication’s time to schedule meetings and other events. 

  3. Interface Options

    The app offers a number of color combinations to give a clear, color-coded, but beautiful picture of events to come and do.

  4. Easy Caller Management

    The app allows easy creation of tasks, reminders, and follow-ups even during phone calls. It also helps to share them as the best-shared business calendar app.

  5. Easy Synchronization

    The app features super-smooth synchronization enabling prowess with any and all other smart devices.

It could thus, easily become the face of the user’s smartwatch and notify sleeping time on the laptop after a dedicated day of handling work calls and virtual meetings on the smartphone. It is the smart calendar for the smart millennial in you. 

calendar ai app review

Mad Verdict: Calendar.Ai app review

Design- 4.8 stars
Usability- 5 stars
Features- 5 stars
Reliability- 4.5 stars

MAD rates- 4.75 stars

Calendar.Ai is a masterpiece of technology and human value. Undoubtedly, it is the best appointment scheduler app. Calendar.Ai enables technology to do more for the user and save him a little extra time for personal life. It helps to manage the perfect work-life balance by individually managing work time and personal time to the last minute and last second. The bottom line is that its a smooth interface and ease of use helps to save time and my friend we all know that time is money!! Even the pro version at $6.77 seems like a good option.

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Written By Pallavi

She is an avid writer of technology and trending mobile apps. When she is not busy updating you about the tech world, she spends time reading books and playing guitar.

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