Notagenda - A One Stop App for Notes & Scheduling

Struggling to be productive these days? There's an app for that!

Updated on April 04, 2024
Notagenda - A One Stop App for Notes & Scheduling

Tired of switching between multiple apps for assigning tasks, setting reminders, and adding comments or notes? What if we tell you that you need only one app that can help you manage tasks, projects, meetings, deadlines, and more in one place?

As an entrepreneur or working professionals, you probably want to streamline your day-to-day tasks from the convenience of one platform. We have brought you a practical, still advanced tool that integrates note-taking and calendar use.

Notagenda is super easy to use, insanely organized, and eliminates the need to use multiple apps to manage your daily tasks. This note-taking app aims to keep you aligned with the agenda, by integrating calendars and notes into one.

There are literally dozens of productivity apps out there to choose from, but today we’re taking a look at one of the most popular ones on the market.

In the Notagenda app review, we’ll talk about:

  • What is Notagenda? - A Quick Introduction
  • Notagenda’s Features
  • Notagenda’s Pricing
  • Notagenda Hits and Strikes 
  • Notagenda’s Future Updates 
  • Notagenda’s Ratings

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What is Notagenda app? - Complete Notagenda App Review

Developed by Praktikal Solutions in 2020, Notagenda is an easy-to-use app that integrates note-taking, planning, and calendar use in one place.

Notagenda brings a unique approach to note-taking and calendar use; it mainly focuses on being practical while solving problems & providing features to give users control over how they organize their agenda.

The Notagenda’s Story

“It all started with us trying to create a tool for us, my father and me, regarding our needs and things we find lacking in productivity apps. We wanted to integrate note-taking and calendar use and to make note-taking more effective in mobile phones. I do plenty of research online, especially on my mobile phone. I find it hard to collect and organize my research on mobile phone note-taking apps. Copying a text from the browser, then pasting it in a note, then copying another and pasting is a frustrating process. Copy bag solves this problem exceptionally. To stack the texts you want to use in your writing or you wish to collect in a bag is a feature that none of the apps will provide you.“

~ Founder, Notagenda

Notagenda Features and Functionality

Notagenda’s approach to note-taking and calendar use is unique in every sense. This productivity app is transforming the research and writing on mobile phones with features like embedded browser and copy bag options. It also eases copy-paste operation between apps. Let’s get to its unique features.

1. A very useful agenda/calendar function

The calendar function lets you keep your agenda. You can view your notes on a separate calendar view and add note reminders to any date you like. You can sort them in chronological order, from now to then.

Notagenda app review

2. Copy bag

Notagenda has added this feature recently. In your internet browser or in any other app, if you share a text, a Notagenda icon will appear with the caption "copy bag". If you select it, the text you have copied will be stacked in a copy bag inside Notagenda. You can then reach the copy bag inside the note screen, and paste the texts you have collected in your preferred order.

3. An embedded internet browser

They embedded internet browser inside the app. You can surf on the web without leaving your note and copy anything into your copy bag easily. For people who do important writing work or research on their mobile phones or tablets, this feature is game-changing. I do hope people will benefit from this option a lot.

4. Easy-access category sidebar

It lets users access their categories or folders with one swipe while staying on the same screen.  This is one of the standout features that cleverly uses categories and folders, which generally lacks in other note-taking apps where users are redirected to another page to access their respective folders.

Notagenda app review

5. Task notes

Users can keep track of their tasks at any given point. Users can create task items with checkboxes to mark the finished tasks.

Notagenda app review

6. Copying links into preferred notes

Users can share any link directly into their preferred notes. This feature is highly useful for content creators or marketers who love archiving.

Notagenda app review

7. Ability to merge notes

Notagenda is one of the best note-taking apps where you can merge your task notes. It makes note-taking in smartphones as easy as possible with its unique data merging feature. This feature makes data acquisition really handy and organized for those who have a habit of taking short notes more often.

8. Calculator note

Notagenda allows you to perform endless and separate calculations on one page. This problem-solving app lets you save the record of your calculations, and can comment line by line in the very next field created for that purpose.

Notagenda app review

9. Effective-powerful search

Notagenda has a killer search. There is no possibility that you would lose any of your notes in Notagenda; it works perfectly with different keywords. This also works in password-protected notes.

10. One-click access to Google Lens application

Notagenda app works on OCR technology. You can scan any text from a document via Google Lens and directly paste the text to your note.

11. Data Protection

Users’ data is protected by 128 bit AES encryption. You can back up all your data and store it inside your phone, tablet, or computer.

Notagenda app review

12. Password-protected Notes

You can set-up a password or pin to protect your notes from unauthorized access.

13. One-time payment

Notagenda app gives a lifetime license to ad-free usage once the payment is completed. Users will be able to use any new updates or improvements without any additional payments.

14. Enhanced sorting options

Notagenda helps you quickly get what you’re looking for. You can sort the notes in different orders which include searching and listing in a date range.

15. A functional widget

You get a floating widget on your home screen, which allows you to view your notes pinned and easily (one-click) access the app and some of its functions.

Notagenda app review

Notagenda Previous Updates - [4.4.0]

The most important update before was 4.4.0 (but still may not be necessarily important to include in the published text) -

  • The very useful Copy Bag feature has been added to the application.
  • Its own Internet Browser has been added to the application. You can now surf the internet without leaving the application.
  • Save warning has been added when exiting the note (depending on the requests from users). But if you want, you can turn off this new feature from the settings and continue to use it as before.

Hits and Strikes


  • Agenda function/calendar function, one app for note-taking, and calendar use
  • One-click access to Google Lens application.Best productivity app for those who want to work smarter and more efficiently
  • One-time payment, lifetime license to ad-free usage
  • Password-protected notes
  • Best app for problems solving
  • 128 bit AES encryption
  • Coloring notes
  • Free to use


  • UI needs improvement
  • Not available for iOS users

Notagenda App Ratings and Additional Information

Notagenda app review


You can download Notagenda from Play Store. The app is free to use. However, it contains in-app purchases to access premium features.

Future Updates

They are currently working on improvements in planning and calendar view. They will also make our task notes more capable and integrate hours with task notes.

MAD Ratings

Design - 4.0 stars
Usability - 4.5 stars
Features - 4.5 stars
Reliability - 4.2 stars

MAD Verdict 

Notagenda has diminished the need for separate apps to keep your agenda. It successfully integrates note-taking and calendar use. It makes note-taking in mobile phones as easy as possible with its unique features like the copy bag. With its sidebar for categories, it makes categorizing the notes and reaching those categories really easy.

Notagenda has so many unique features, like an easy-access categories/folders sidebar, one-swipe access to your categories on the main note screen (not in a separate page); coloring/color-tagging the notes; merging notes (for people who take so many short notes then keep track of them); or some basic features like password-protected data; sharing notes; adding note reminders; a functional widget, providing easy access to the app and some of its functions, viewing your notes for today first; task notes, where you can create task items with check-boxes.

The data protection by 128 bit AES encryption; enhanced sorting options including searching and listing in a date range; a separate alarm page for alarms separate from notes; a powerful search, etc., are some of the signature features that make Notagenda the best note app to date. Notagenda app review is up for all those who are smart and productive. 
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