Forest app: Stay focused and get things done

Forest app is perfect for those who need some extra incentive and visual stimulation to stay productive.

Updated on May 31, 2022
Forest app: Stay focused and get things done

As much as smart phones have made our lives easier, they are a great source of distraction as well. Many people find themselves endlessly scrolling down the screen of a smartphone when they should have been working on something important. Even when you are with friends or family, sometimes it's so difficult to leave the phone alone and be present in the moment. Phone addiction is one of the leading problems today and leads to ADHD in many cases. Forest App is an award-winning app for maintaining productivity and also saves the planet at the same time.

Forest application is a great way to leave your phone alone when it creates hurdles instead of helping you achieve your goals. It helps you stay focused on important things rather than keeping yourself glued to a screen. It utilised amazing visuals and that extra reward which sometimes keeps motivated and on your track. Each time you sit to work, or study or go out with friends, plant a tree. If you use your phone after that, your tree will die. These small incentives allow you to see the fruits of your labour in the form of the forest you have grown over time.

Forest app

In this Forest app review, we will see why it has become a focus booster for more than 4 million people around the world.

Forest focus app gives your time back to you

What if I ask you that you can not touch your phone for the next one hour? There is a big chance that you will deny or even if you agree, you will feel very uncomfortable the whole time you would be away from your phone. That is the kind of power today cell phones hold in our lives. They come before family time, friends time and sometimes even work. If you are fond of touching your phone for no reason, sitting down and focus becomes a real problem. 

Among all the focusing apps available in the app store, Forest stay focused app is the one who has helped millions in making their life productive in a very simple way. By planting a tree, the users gets a sense of responsibility to not let the tree die. The app uses your good will to work for you and help you use that time to focus on the task you are committed to. It is an amazing way to stay focused and remove procrastination from your daily activity list. It’s paid version also allows you to plant trees with your friends and stay focused as a team.

Forest app

Stay motivated and achieve more in whatever you do with many features of Forest App.
Forest focus app helps you finish your goals in time and offer much more in the process. Here are some of its best features:

Plant trees and stay focused- 

Everytime you don't want to use your phone, plant a tree in the Forest focus app. On successfully completing the task without touching your phone, you will get a new tree and if you fail, you will get a dead tree. Can be used as a Forest study app for focus while you are working.

Forest app

Earn rewards and gifts

Unlike many focusing apps, Forest is one of those apps to help you focus which offers you rewards for successfully completing tasks. These rewards include, adorable new trees and in-app money which can be put to great use, coming up next.

Plant real trees

This is where it gets really exciting. Stay focused more and wind awards and money which you can spend to plant real trees. Forest concentration app has partnered with real-tree-planting organization, Trees for the Future who plant real trees ordered by your app spendings.

Forest app

Monitor your progress and time management

While starting a task you can select the category. This helps you to know how much do you spend in what kind of activities, where do you succeed the most and where do you fail to focus the most as well.

Forest app

Get rid of phone addiction and manage ADHD

Forest application for smart devices will help you stay away from your phone when it's not needed and help you grow your focus. It also helps in attention deficit hyperactivity disorder by keeping you on the line of your goals.

Create Allow list 

Paid version of the app allows you to create an “Allow list” where you then put the apps which can be used while using the Forest application on any device. Using those apps will not kill the tree.

How does the Forest App work?

Forest stay focused app works on your feeling of responsibility. Follow the steps to stay focused.

Forest app

Step 1: Install the app from the App Store or Google Play Store.
Step 2: Select the time you are allocating to the task you are starting
Step 3: Choose between working, studying or spending time with friends.
Step 4: Plant the three. On successfully focusing for the selected time, you will get a beautiful green tree.

Forest app

Hits and Strikes


  • Easy to use
  • Great design
  • Switchable natural forest sounds for authentic forest vibe
  • Goal driven awards
  • Option to create Allow list (paid version) to use important apps in between
  • Offers incentives, upgrades and unlocks for better productivity
  • Offers insight to your working habits and work record in recent times.
  • Free version suffice


  • Bugs


  • Google Play Best App of the Year - 2015-2016 
  • Google Play Editors’ Choice Top Productivity App
  • Google Play Best Social Impact App Nomination - 2018 
  • Google Play Best Self-improvement app in Canada, Mexico, France, Russia, Brazil, Japan, Korea, India, and Thailand - 2018

MAD Rates - 4.7 stars

Design - 4.6 stars
Usability - 4.9 stars
Reliability - 4.7 stars
Features - 4.6 stars


Forest productivity app is one of the best productivity apps available for android and iOS devices today. The app is very simple and adds a feeling of achievement and reward when you complete a task without losing focus. Its paid version allows you to plant trees with your team and keep a check on everyone’s productivity. It also lets you add vital apps in the allow list to be able to use them in the assigned time. Overall, Forest app free version does the job as well and is a must try for everyone who struggles in struggling for long. 

We hope this forest app review has been informative for you. If you are a product owner and wants to get your app reviewed, you can reach MobileAppDaily and get discovered.

Written By Pallavi

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