The Banner Saga: Epic RPG from Viking Legends

Play the legendary Norse Gods, kill Dredges and end the perpetual twilight.

Updated on April 03, 2024
The Banner Saga: Epic RPG from Viking Legends

The Banner Saga is a role-playing game which will take you on a strenuous journey of a lost Viking world. The game was created by Stoic Studio and published by Versus Evil is first in the series of many games. This fantasy tactical RPG was first launched for PCs and mobile phones and later for other platforms. The game features an immersive storyline, inspired by Norse Mythology and narrates the chronicles of the caravan to which the player belongs. The banner saga game has been lauded by critics and players alike. It is considered as one of the best android games and iOS games based on a storyline.

The Banner Saga archives the feat of laying out the tale of grief and loss without losing the zeal of moving forward. One of the best RPG games online, it unfolds in a way that players can’t resist but to feel involved to its core. This online role playing game put different choices in front of the player. The storyline changes according to the selections made. Hence, the choices player make, have a direct effect on its consequences and give the player, a feeling of being more than just a player. 

Its carefully curated graphics, Beautiful 2D rotoscope animation, hand-drawn fight sequences, mesmerising soundtracks and addictive gameplay, make it one of the best android games and iOS games to play today. All those who love playing a story-driven game will find it hard to resist this one. In this The Banner Saga review, we will cover what makes it one of the best RPG games online for android as well as iOS.

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The Banner Saga - RGP with the love for storytelling and Norse Mythology

The Banner Saga is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game. Though the game was developed for “real gaming platforms”, its mobile reincarnations is so good that t;s difficult to believe. During its transition from larger platforms to mobile, it loses nothing. All the features of the gameplay are kept intact, making it similar to its bigger brothers. Its multi-choice format keeps it engaging and makes players think hard before making a decision. Every decision has different consequences, making it unpredictable and captivating. 

Some apparent features of The Banner Saga

  1. A dream game for fantasy lovers

    It The Banner Saga has Norse Mythology in it’s DNA. It showcases a dark world which is crafted by Vikings and take you on a journey with it. It is a fantasy lover’s dream game.

  2. 2D Rotoscope Animation and award-winning music

    It boasts beautiful visual, a result of 2D rotoscope animation. Every visual form the game is breath-taking and takes you back to the time of Vikings. Austin Wintory's the banner saga background score helps in consolidating all other aspects and making it a wholesome experience.

  3. Strategic combat with permanent consequences

    Pick a character, upgrade and make strategies. All the losses and gains made in the game have a permanent impact on the storyline, making the experience unique.

  4. Your Choices Matter

    The game present real choices in front of the player. The selection of these choices makes huge differences in the story, giving this game a real-world like feel.

  5. Great characters to play

    No game is complete without good character options and this game offers 25 of them. The banner saga characters come from 7 different class and are unique in their powers and armour abilities.

Premium Services

  • Android - INR 650 (One time purchase).
  • iOS - INR 750 (One time purchase)

Hits -

  • Great storyline, a dream for fantasy game lovers.
  • Amazing graphics, visuals, animation and music.
  • Immersive gameplay, simplified controls and no compromise of the player’s experience.
  • Great support from the developers.
  • Permanent consequences make the game experience unique.

Strike -

  • No free version
  • Not so attractive to control-freaks or people not interested in story-driven games

Awards - 

  • Geekie Award for best Indie Video Game, 2014
  • Independent Games Festival Finalist for Excellence in Visual Art 
  • Honourable mentions for Design and Audio.

online role playing game

MAD Verdict - The Banner Saga Game

Design- 4.8 stars
Usability- 4.0 stars
Features- 4.3 stars
Reliability- 4.5 stars

The Banner Saga is a great game overall but for those who love RPG, Norse mythology and excellent storytelling, this game will be hard to pass. It has no glitches what so ever like in other best free android games. Though the fighting sequence is not as sophisticated as some other RPGs, they are more than compromised by the way the game progresses and hold you with it. Not one of the best free offline android games, there is a price associated, which will be justified if not less. If you liked this The Banner Saga review, read our comprehensive app reviews to know about mobile applications and games that have created a buzz world. 

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