WhatsApp Planning To Launch An AI Avatar Generator In The US

WhatsApp Planning To Launch An AI Avatar Generator In The US

Date: July 05, 2024

WhatsApp, the social messaging platform owned by Meta, may soon launch an AI Avatar generator powered by Meta’s Llama model.

WhatsApp has integrated Generative AI features powered by Meta’s Llama 3 language model, and its global audience loved it. Now, the social messaging platform is planning to add an AI Avatar generator that allows users to make personalized Avatars that they can use in any imagined setting. The AI feature is still being developed and will be spotted in the next WhatsApp Beta release for Android

The AI Avatar generator will generate images using user-provided images, text prompts, and Meta’s indigenous Llama language model. The company has not released an official statement about the upcoming feature, but it was spotted first by WABetaInfo. The tech media house's report claims that the settings in AI-generated images can range from outer space to deep forests. The feature is similar to Lensa AI or Snapchat’s Dreams selfie feature.

To create the AI Avatar, users must click their selfies just once to train Meta’s AI model on possible renditions. Once the AI Avatar is approved by the user, it can be placed in any imagined setting. The simple text prompt ‘Imagine Me,’ along with a description of the imagination, will be shared in the Meta AI chat. Users can also tag Meta AI in any conversation window by typing @MetaAI and typing Imagine Me with the imagined description.

The AI feature will be optional and switched off by default. Users will be required to turn on the AI feature in the Meta AI settings. Those who have not switched on Meta AI or agreed to Meta AI policies will be unable to access it. WhatsApp is probably planning to launch the new AI feature in the US first, limited to Beta version users before commencing the full commercial launch.

It may take some time before the AI Avatar generator reaches our smartphones, but it is certain that the feature will first appear on Android phones. iPhone’s security layers are not favorable to test new features, as a result of which, only the commercial version will be launched in all Apple devices post-testing.

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