Top 4 Features Of Newly Launched ChatGPT macOS App.

Top 4 Features Of Newly Launched ChatGPT macOS App.

Date: June 26, 2024

OpenAI has launched a dedicated ChatGPT app for macOS devices, which comes with enhanced AI capabilities and exciting new features.

OpenAI has taken the world by storm by pioneering the generative AI evolution with its ChatGPT platform. The AI chatbot has given birth to a new breed of software that makes things faster, smarter, and easier in a conversational interaction. What began with text prompts has upgraded to voice, image, and audio-based conversations that bring impressive results using the latest generative AI models. Now, the tech giant has launched a dedicated ChatGPT macOS app, expanding to a new exclusive set of consumers from the Apple ecosystem.

Recently, Apple rejected the Meta AI deal owing to privacy concerns resulting from OS-level integrations that are required to perform seamlessly. The official launch of the macOS app reflects the strengthened security layers of ChatGPT in compliance with Apple’s user privacy standards. 

The dedicated app has been rolled out for a select number of Mac devices running on macOS 14 and Apple Silicon (M1 or better). It will also be rolled out for other devices with older OS versions, but the timeline has not been fixed yet.

The ChatGPT macOS app comes with some exciting features that enhance the overall user experience and feature capabilities. One of the best feature introductions is the voice mode that users can activate by clicking on the headphone icon in the bottom-right corner of the app. 

The ChatGPT app can be launched using keyboard shortcuts (Option + Space), making accessibility easier. Users can also discuss screenshots with the chatbot directly in the app. They can initiate conversations using pre-stored images or take fresh clicks as well. All the remaining ChatGPT features available globally are available on the macOS app version, including textual prompt-based tasks, research support, creative writing, summarizing texts and videos, etc.

However, the AI company recently came into a controversial light for using the celebrity voice of Scarlett Johannson’s character from the movie Her. So, the video and audio capabilities powered by GPT-4o will require more modifications before being launched in the macOS app. ChatGPT is also setting a high safety and reliability bar that its new innovations must comply with, for which the company requires nearly one month.

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