Spotify May No Longer Remain Just A Music Streaming App

Spotify May No Longer Remain Just A Music Streaming App

Date: July 11, 2024

Spotify has recently added a new feature to its mobile app and website, which allows users to interact with podcast creators through comments.

Spotify is a popular audio streaming platform known worldwide for its vast library of songs, podcasts, and creative radio. However, with the latest feature upgrade, Spotify can easily qualify as a niche-themed social interaction platform. The musical tech giant has recently enabled public comments on podcasts, bridging the gap between creators and their listeners.

This will allow the podcast community to interact with their favorite creators directly on the platform. This move may have come after users on various social media platforms, including Reddit, were witnessed discussing podcast episodes published on Spotify. Tapping the opportunity to bring external engagement on Spotify’s exclusive content to the platform, the streaming app has evolved as a social interaction platform.

Listeners will be able to leave comments on Podcasts using the general Spotify App. But creators will have to interact with the comments using the Spotify for Podcasts mobile app or its dedicated website. 

The way the comments functionality works is a huge differentiator from mainstream social media platforms. While users can share their comments on Podcasts, they will only be published once the creator or host of the Podcast page approves it. It is also not clear if the platform will allow general replies to public comments. The comments will also be set as private, with the aim of keeping the interactions only between creators and listeners.

Creators will also be able to enable comments on a podcast episode, series, or the entire profile podcast library. Spotify also allows creators to access the updated Spotify for Podcasters app, irrespective of whether they have hosted the creator or not. However, the creator will have to claim their show through the app first. 

The app will also provide analytic features for tracking growth, managing their online presence, and checking overall page insights. Additionally, Spotify has added a notification setting to help creators get real-time alerts when their show is added to a Spotify chart or reaches a significant milestone. These features will be rolled out gradually over the week and launched for all by next month.

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