LinkedIn Enhances AI Job Hunting Features For Premium Users

LinkedIn Enhances AI Job Hunting Features For Premium Users

Date: June 14, 2024

LinkedIn has upgraded the AI features for its premium users without any additional cost, including job hunting support, capability matching, and more.

LinkedIn is one of the most used professional platforms for job search, networking, and career building. It has evolved from a simple job search platform to a complete career-scaling solution for job seekers and employers. Its recent investment in building AI capabilities has resulted in a surge in user engagement and new user sign-ups. Premium subscriptions have also rapidly increased due to a range of AI features offered to subscribers.

Though LinkedIn already has a diverse range of AI features to enhance the user experience and interface navigation, it has rolled out some more to make the premium subscribers happier. One of the most useful AI enhancements on LinkedIn is the AI resume optimizer, which provides personalized improvements to acceptance chances for specific jobs. The AI tool also helps users edit their resumes interactively using conversational prompts. Another AI feature added to the platform is a cover letter builder that helps create custom cover letters from scratch.

While the end benefits of these newly introduced AI features are accessible only to premium subscribers, the benefits and teasers are available for all. LinkedIn started testing the ability to summarize posts from your LinkedIn feed by the end of last year. This feature has not been rolled out yet, and company representatives have not made a clear statement regarding its rollout plans.

LinkedIn has revamped its earlier version of Meta’s celebrity-based chatbots. The platform has cleverly created expert personas that users can interact with and seek learning from. These insights come from a blend of the huge datasets on which LinkedIn has trained its LLMs and the personalization feature for individual learners. The list of expert instructors includes Alicia Reece, Anil Gupta, Dr. Gemma Leigh Roberts, and Lisa Gates.

“With our new search capabilities, every search interaction becomes smarter — whether you’re looking to find someone, explore jobs, conduct outreach, or seek knowledge and answers. AI is set to revolutionize our search capabilities, enabling you to explore the depth and breadth of any topic directly through LinkedIn search,” said LinkedIn chief product officer Tomer Cohen. 

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