iOS 18.4 Will Bring These Fresh Features By 2025 Spring

iOS 18.4 Will Bring These Fresh Features By 2025 Spring

Date: July 08, 2024

iOS 18 is set to be released next spring with a range of feature upgrades and new capability integrations, owing to Apple Intelligence tech

Apple is set to launch a range of new features along with the long-awaited iOS 18 in the spring of 2025. With the iOS 18 update leading the wave, users will experience aesthetic and functional changes to their overall Apple experience. However, some features that are becoming a worldwide topic of discussion are, in fact, some of the best introductions so far. Let’s see what they are.

1. Apple Intelligence

Apple has a history of releasing new features incrementally to keep the excitement of new arrivals consistent throughout the years. This time, it has made a completely aggressive move by launching everything at once. With the launch of Apple Intelligence, many new features were unlocked for the entire Apple ecosystem. iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max will be the first two recipients of Apple Intelligence features at the OS level. 

Devices with iOS 18 and above having a compatible M2 Chip will be able to run many AI features, but not all. Apple is keeping the true AI experience exclusive to the high-end and latest devices that can run the tech seamlessly. If a toned-down version is in the pipeline for older devices, the company has kept it efficiently hidden from the media and public.

2. All New Siri

After years of being just a voice assistant who felt smart through the experience, Siri is getting a proper makeover. From its glowing lights while listening to how it is accessed from anywhere, everything will feel new with Siri. Apple Intelligence will play a major role in defining the makeover’s public reactions. 

Siri will also get a performance boost from Apple Intelligence to summarize texts, explain something that you see through a lens, and much more. Siri can now search for your IDs among thousands of gallery photos with just a simple text prompt. 

The developer beta version will be released next month, and a public beta version will follow soon. Users who have opted for the beta and developer program can download it directly from the Apple website. The rise of AI features on Apple devices has also opened them up to newfound risks of data breach and other harm. It is recommended that you find a suitable iOS security app to keep your device and data safe.

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