How To Find The Best Amazon Prime Day Deals Before Anyone?

How To Find The Best Amazon Prime Day Deals Before Anyone?

Date: July 03, 2024

Every year, the Amazon Prime Day deals bring millions of users. But only a few get to extract the cream out of those deals. With these tips, anyone can.

Amazon has one of the biggest online sales worldwide, attracting millions of buyers with attractive offers, timed discounts, and many other conversion magnets. With the biggest partner network, it has successfully conducted multiple sales, the biggest of which is Amazon Prime Day. This year, Amazon Prime Day sales will be active on the 20th and 21st of July, boasting up to 80-90% off on select products.

However, not everyone gets to know about the deals that matter to them, or it is too late to grab them before the stock runs out. While Prime members will get early notifications on exclusive deals before the general Amazon consumers do, here are a few tricks that you can apply to get early alerts on your favorite products’ deals.

Automated Price Trackers

There are multiple free price tracking tools that provide real-time notifications on price changes, price drops, and discounts on any Amazon product.  CamelCamelCamel is one of the websites you can visit to track your product prices on Amazon. Simply paste the link of the product you wish to buy and set a desired price. The tracker will not only give alerts over email on reaching the set price but will also share when it reaches its maximum price drop.

Deal Aggregators

Here, you need to know the product name, and the deal aggregator will provide all the deals across websites, including Amazon. These aggregators share price drops and offers that one can avail to get the maximum discount. The best part about these aggregators like Honey is that it provides instant comparison of prices and deals from the most famous eCommerce platforms in the world.

Slickdeal Community

Though not automated, SlickDeal is a unique community platform where people contribute to sharing the best deals around various products. You can create alerts based on keywords, and it will share the best prices and deals based on your set criteria. Make sure that you do not set the keywords vaguely, as Slickdeals is aggressive in sending notifications and may hoard your inbox unnecessarily.

Setting Up notifications through Alexa will enable you to get your desired Amazon products’ discounts, price drops, and inventory restocking updates on the go. You can also sign up for Amazon’s invite-only deals that do not revolve around the internet or are displayed by the online tracker tools. Also, though Amazon is the biggest eCommerce platform, try exploring the best coupon apps to earn cashback and increase your order reduction value.

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