Google Translate Adds 110 New Languages To Its Library

Google Translate Adds 110 New Languages To Its Library

Date: June 28, 2024

Google Translate has added 110 new languages to its support library, expanding its usage for global consumers.

Google has created one of the most beneficial use cases of Artificial Intelligence for upkilling a service. Google’s PaLM 2 AI language model has helped Google Translate add 112 new languages to its support library. This move expands the language support of Google Translate from 133 to 243 global languages. The company says that it is one of the biggest service jumps ever.

The new additions bring Google Translate’s accuracy closer to the already existing mainstream languages. For instance; Cantonese has been long-requested by global Google users, but was also one of the most confusing translations for the platform. With a deeper learning of the difference in Mandarin and Cantonese, the Google translate platform can perform accurate functions of identifying, translating, and defining the meaning of sentences.

The AI language model easily grasps languages that are close to Hindi, like Awadhi and Marwadi, and French Creoles, like Seychellois Creole and Mauritian Creole. Most of the languages added to the library were spoken by at least one million people. This capability addition has helped Google expand its network of users to a much bigger audience while catering to niche-language requirements. It will help the tech giant penetrate a hyper-local market of translation consumers. 

Google’s AI PaLM 2 is also building the capability to understand local language voice, which can make translation much more direct and real-time. The Google Lens device will soon come with a translation feature to help travelers navigate international local streets better. It will also facilitate real-time translation support between speakers of different languages, potentially bridging the communication gap.

Though not completely verified, an internal company representative has revealed plans to launch a dedicated Google Translate application that is powered by its indigenous AI to make translation available on-the-go. Along with Google, many new startups have emerged as the best translation apps, marking the importance of language conversion in internation communication.

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