Apple May Soon Partner With Meta For AI Capabilities

Apple May Soon Partner With Meta For AI Capabilities

Date: June 24, 2024

After Apple came into the spotlight for partnering with OpenAI to revamp its on-device AI features, it may soon close a deal with Meta AI.

Apple Intelligence is a tech giant's latest yet late entry of an in-house AI product. The new introduction will enhance Siri's performance capabilities, as well as its on-device functions and media editing features. However, Apple Intelligence is still in its initial phase and may take some time to build trust among its global user base. To make the smartphone interface seamless with AI, Apple has partnered with OpenAI to integrate ChatGPT capabilities at the OS level for iOS 18 and above devices. 

It looks like Apple is taking a unique outsourcing approach to building AI capabilities for its products and service offerings. The tech giant is reportedly in talks with Meta about integrating its Generative AI technology with certain functions. This rumor comes after Apple came into the spotlight for exploring AI integration partnerships with OpenAI and Google for its AI Assistant Siri and other writing tools

The AI companies that have joined the conversation with Apple have already established a strong foothold in the market for their AI use cases. Even though vulnerabilities exist in large quantities, the capabilities outmatch the risk for the smartphone maker. Apple has always placed top priority on safety and privacy management for its consumers, to the extent that it has become a critical USP. 

With the inclusion of multiple AI technologies on iOS devices, the tech giant will always have the option to choose the best tech for certain requirements. However, it will also open a wide range of risks that come associated with these Gen AI products. OpenAI and many other Gen AI products have recently faced a complete power outage, the reason for which remains in the power supply area. 

While these companies are seeking sustainable and independent power supply sources through nuclear and sodium-ion technology, the solution is still far-fetched. With increasing users through such partnerships, the demand vs supply ratio is likely to face more imbalance. Meta has declined to comment regarding speculation about an AI partnership with Apple. Apple has remained vague about the news as well.

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