Apple May Launch AI Features On Vision Pro Soon

Apple May Launch AI Features On Vision Pro Soon

Date: July 01, 2024

Apple is reportedly planning a big launch of Apple Intelligence in the Vision Pro headset later this year.

Apple has emerged as the biggest product-wide technology launcher in the world. With the Apple Intelligence launched on iPhone, iPad, and MAC, Apple has officially announced its entry into the consumer-facing AI experiences. However, the company still holds a key technology integration hidden behind the curtains. Apple is reportedly preparing to integrate AI in its flagship Vision Pro headsets.

The Vision Pro headsets made a viral entry into the Virtual Reality landscape even with a heavy price tag. Less than 450,000 Vision Pro devices have been sold worldwide, keeping the audience extremely limited compared to the millions in the userbase of its other products. The VR product received an overwhelmingly positive response from the initial testers and buyers. 

However, the spectators' overall outlook has been more negative as they fear safety and conscious awareness of reality with such products having commercial access. Apple took a huge leap into the Artificial Intelligence world after its rivals made successful strides in developing exciting capabilities. Its main reason behind slow development has been associated with zero compromise on the security, privacy, and user experience of its consumers.

Apple Intelligence won’t be launching this year on Vision Pro devices. The user interface of Vision Pro is completely different from that of iPhones, iPads, and MAC devices. The Research and Development team has mixed feelings about the existing capabilities of Apple Intelligence in terms of blending integrations with the device. While they work fine on other devices, Vision Pro’s interface requires a much deeper study on access and safety with equal weightage.

A limited screen with mostly voice-based controls requires real-time accuracy like none other, and the Apple Intelligence framework is still in its initial phase of development. Risking user safety to test innovation is a strict no-go for Apple, thus leading to this year-long delay. With the type of introductions Apple has made till now, we are sure the Vision Pro might come with refinements that give us a futuristic experience for the hefty price it demands.

Arpit Dubey

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