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How to build a dating app? Tips and Tricks to Remember

You can create a dating app with these 10 points in the consideration

How to build a dating app

Dating has evolved since the day digitalization came into existence. From websites to mobile apps, dating has become one of the first industries to join the digital race. Thus, apps claiming the title of top dating apps have increased as well. Now, if you are planning to develop a dating app, you should keep a few things in consideration throughout the process. We will discuss these processes further.

How to create a dating app?- Important points

Well, building a dating app can be quite challenging in the time that we are living in as so many dating apps are already existing. Thus, finding a USP that makes your app different from others, will require dedicated brainstorming for quite some time.

Furthermore, we have tried to cover a few points to help you in answering the question- how to make a dating app? So, without further ado, let’s begin!

  1. Observe the market

It is a crucial point that needs to be talked about as the answer to the question- how to start a dating app? You have to figure out how many competitors are active in the target market that you picked before you build top dating apps. Other factors like how many users are using mobile dating apps also matter a lot for your market research. 

  1. Shortlist features that users will love

Shortlist features that users will love

Well, with many dating applications already existing in the market, you will have to be creative. Take Tinder or Bumble, for instance, both live dating apps are not only for straight couples but also for the LGBTQ+ communities. These chat and dating apps also take the security of the LGBTQ+ communities as a priority. 

On the other hand, OkCupid promotes itself as an app that helps you in finding your perfect match. As soon as the user signs up on this one of the top dating apps 2021, they answer many questions. Later, profiles shown to them are chosen by the AI basis on the answers they submitted.

  1. Security of users should be a priority

It is well known that many countries and societies are still not open to communities like the LGBTQ+. Thus, it is important to keep their security in mind as well. Tinder has already applied an algorithm to the app that automatically hides LGBTQ+ whenever they enter into the area where these communities are banned. It is done to save users from any unwanted harm or harassment.

  1. Create smart algorithms for matches

Create smart algorithms for matches

While creating the best dating app for Android and iOS, it is important to include smart algorithms or AI-supported algorithms to make sure that people get matches. Many developers like OkCupid are using AI in their Android and iOS dating apps. A report says, 64% of users looked for partners with the same interest. However, the other 49% of users preferred good looks into their matches. Thus, these factors have to be taken into consideration while building a dating app.

  1. Modern dating apps have to be more inclusive

Gone are the days when people kept their sexualities and preferences inside forever. Now, the world is opening up and slowly being more inclusive. Thus, while you create a dating app, you need to create features for the LGBTQ+ communities as well.

  1. The verification process has to be strict

The verification process has to be strict

It is common for underage teenagers to try to sign up on the app out of curiosity. Thus, you have to make sure the app has only legit users. For the same, you can use AI-supported facial recognition for verification. It will help you in filtering out the profiles that should not be there on your dating chat apps. This verification process will also help you in filtering scam profiles.

  1. Make it easy for users to report incidents

In many cases, users have faced harassment, scams, and abuse on dating chat apps. However, it can not be predicted who among all registered profiles, is an abuser. To solve that, it should be easier for the user to report what they experienced on the mobile dating app. To keep the users privacy safe, you can ask them to submit the screenshots of the chat as proof.

  1. Message ideas or quirky quotes

Well, now everyone is a good opener of the conversation. Thus, you can help such users by providing them with creative one-liners as the opening messages. It helps users in having an easy best dating app for iOS and Android experience. You can also include a section titled Dating App Tips to help users in figuring out what they should do and what they should not do.

  1. Keep basic features free

Many top mobile app development companies are providing basic features free. For instance, it is free for users to like each other. However, to review who liked them, it has to be paid. You can also offer some extra premium features like texting even without matching to increase the chances of securing matches. 

  1. The user experience should be top-notch

Not only the UI, but the app should be smooth to use. Thus, make sure that your app has features that are not making it load slow. But you can release the app in multiple versions as well. For devices with high configuration, more features should be available as they can load heavy apps.


In the end, hopefully, this blog on tips to answer- how to make a dating app will be useful. However, with time, new technologies like AR and VR will open more opportunities for dating apps as well. Maybe in the future, technology will enable you to have a dating experience like nothing before. And, it will also get easier for people to find matches.

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