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How to Create a Speed Dating Video App?

Planning to target the dating app market and looking for new ideas? Well, you might want to try building a dating video app. Here are a few steps for you to follow!

Dating video app

As our daily responsibilities increase, it becomes more difficult to make time to socialize frequently and find the ideal person to spend time with. This dilemma of how to manage a lack of time and increase social interaction has created a variety of speed dating applications. In 2022, Statista estimates that there are approximately 25.1 million dating app users existing in the United States. 

Before analyzing the notion of video-speed dating, let's delve deeper into the current state of online dating applications in the competitive business with additional statistics. 

  1. By 2031, 50 percent of married couples will have met on online dating sites, according to reports. 
  2. More than a quarter of married couples say they met their spouses through a mobile dating app or a web-based dating site.
  3. It is estimated that virtual dating apps produce more than $2 billion annually in revenue. 
  4. Approximately sixty percent of users admit to using dating apps to find their ideal companion, not for casual hookups. 
  5. For both genders, the average rate of online dating is 10% for men and 5% for women. 

What is Video Speed Dating? 

Now before we proceed and discuss the process of building a dating video app, let’s in short understand what is speed dating and how does speed dating work? Video speed dating apps allow users to meet and converse with several potential suitors in a short amount of time. During this brief period, people decide whether to continue the relationship or move on. 

If you are interested in launching an online speed dating business and wish to create an app, you should follow the methods outlined in this article. 

Important Steps to Build a Video Speed Dating App 

If you want to construct a successful video speed dating application, you must do the following steps. 

create a dating app

Step 1 - Learn about your Rivals

As a video speed dating app developer, you need to know what your competitors are doing so that you may outdo them and take the lead. 

Therefore, conduct extensive research on various video speed dating applications accessible on the market. Select your primary rivals so that you may assess their strengths and shortcomings before developing your app. 

When you examine your competition with popular video speed dating applications on the market, you can determine which elements are effective and should be incorporated into your app. 

Step 2 - Concept Validation from your Target Audience 

Your idea must be validated by your intended audience. Create interactive prototypes or wireframes to receive input from potential customers on your idea. If the feedback is positive, you can continue developing the speed dating application. You can also examine various speed-dating industry surveys to determine whether the video dating app you are attempting to design is in high demand or not. 

Step 3 - Recruit the Best Crew 

After creating a preliminary plan for the dating video app, the following step is to locate the appropriate team to construct it. You can either employ a freelancer or work with reputable mobile app development companies to create your own dating app. 

Both options of video dating apps have advantages and disadvantages. For instance, if you employ a freelancer, the app development cost will be minimal, but you cannot ensure the app's performance and quality. 

While a well-established dating app development company can ensure quality and functionality, the expense of hiring a dating app development company to design a video speed dating app is prohibitive. Therefore, you must thoroughly consider the alternatives and select the best one. 

Step 4 - Brainstorm on Making the App User-friendly

After selecting the company to develop an app for you, the following step is to discuss with them how to make your app appealing and user-friendly. Now, you should also choose between native and hybrid app development (for both Android and iOS). 

Create a dating app with a user-friendly and appealing interface by integrating a straightforward layout, great colors, and charming animations. Your application must also include several vital features to increase its value for the user. Among the essential requirements to create Android apps or iOS apps are the following: 

  • Simple accept or decline request function (like swiping right or left)
  • Sign in using a social media account, then delete the account
  • Profile and photo verification
  • Real-time video and text conversation
  • Search filtering option 
  • Reporting of abuse, concealing of profiles, and blocking
  • Browse and "like" profiles 
  • Access online and offline
  • Dating recommendations and advice
  • Compatibility with speed dating rules

In addition to all these capabilities, there should be several crucial administrative features to ensure a superior user experience. Among these administrative features are the following: 

  • Instant notification management
  • Confidentiality and report management
  • Management of age, gender, religion, and language
  • preferences and status of the user
  • A matchmaking mechanism powered by AI 
  • Encryption from end to end for chat privacy
  • Subscription and payment handling
  • App support and configurations

Step 5 - Identify a Technological Stack 

To optimize profits, you must select the optimal technological stack to create your own dating app. To choose the optimal technological stack, it is necessary to speak with industry professionals. Speed-dating app professionals will help you choose the right technology for your project and which tools to use. Your technological stack also varies depending on your target platform. For instance, to execute Android mobile app development, you will need to target technologies and specifications that are compatible with Android devices.

Step 6 - Launch MVP to Measure Market Response

Launch the app's minimum viable product (MVP) prior to develop an app that you actually want to release. This will allow you to test not only its performance but also the market's reaction. 

Step 7 - Select a Method of App Monetization 

After completing the process to build a dating app, the following step is to commercialize it. You can earn money in a variety of ways, including by integrating advertisement services into your app and by giving premium features to customers who pay a monthly fee. 

Step 8 - Launch your App 

Once you've received favorable feedback from your dating video chat app MVP, you're ready to finish building your app and release it to the app store. If you wish to launch your app in both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store, you must adhere to their respective listing standards. 

The next stage, once your app is posted in these App Stores, is to conduct an online marketing campaign to reach your target audience, so they can download it to test out its unique features. 


Video speed dating is a novel concept that is still undergoing development. You should carefully evaluate the market demand for the app, and if it is favorable, you should locate an experienced developer to create an app that provides your users with the desired functionality. 

In the modern dating app market names like Tinder, Bumble, OkCupid, etc have already built a good reputation. Thus, new dating apps are trying to explore new opportunities that can be targeted to make their dating apps survive and thrive in the competition. Before planning the app, it is ideal that you keep an eye on such already existing competitors to ensure that you know what features might work the best for your app. 

In the end, hopefully, this step-wise guide on creating a speed dating app was helpful. We will return with more such informative blogs but meanwhile, you can explore MobileAppDaily to read about app development trends, blockchain trends, etc.

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