Google Maps Improve SOS Alerts By Adding Warnings and Navigation for Crisis
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Google Maps Adds New Feature To Help Get Natural Disasters Forecasts

Now get alerts for all, including hurricanes, earthquakes, and floods in one place

Google Maps Adds New Feature To Help Get Natural Disasters Forecasts

Google Maps was started as a C++ desktop program by the Danish brothers, Lars and Jens Eilstrup Rasmussen, which was later acquired by Google in October 2004. Since then, Google maps have released new updates on a regular basis.

In the previous month, it added speeding limit and speed camera alerts. Now, Google Maps has introduced a new feature that will improve SOS alerts by giving a better and more detailed visualizations warnings about earthquakes, floods, and hurricanes.

Google Maps Updated Crisis Alert System

Google Maps most popular feature is Street View, but it also has more useful tools such as SOS alerts that are built to give warnings during a time of crisis.

The Google Maps app was used to inform users at the time of the natural disaster and share news stories related to the event. It also gives emergency phone numbers. 

The company elaborated that with the help of a new update, people will see a "crisis notification card" if their area gets hit by a natural disaster. For example, if a hurricane is going to hit your area then a Google Maps warning will give you the storm's predicted trajectory with the what time it is expected to hit that will help you to react immediately.

Google Maps Updated Crisis Alert System 

In addition, Google Maps users will also be allowed to upload a graphic. Google maps new feature will be released later this summer. Elaborating more about the release date on different platforms, Google stated,

In a country like India, where over 20 percent of global flood-related fatalities occur, Google Maps' new feature will display flood forecasts to indicate where flooding has taken place and in addition, it will show likely severity in different regions.

New Updates of Google Maps 

Three ways in which Google Maps new updates can help you to get the information quickly: 

  • Sharing the live location 

With the help of crisis notification cards on Google Maps, users can share live locations with their family and friends for an unlimited time. 

  • See and report road blockage 

Users can also see road closures by turning on the traffic layer. Users can also share the road closure that they recently encountered with others nearby. You can also confirm whether the road is still blocked or not with just a tap on Android.

  • Share disaster information directly with your loved ones  

Keep your family members and friends updated about the recent situation by tapping the share button on the crisis card. Then your loved ones will be redirected to Google Maps where they can see all the relevant crisis information including emergency contact information, summary, visualizations, emergency contact information and much more.
The Google Maps app has made its debut on Android and iOS in 2008 and 2012 respectively and boasts a load of functionality. Since its launch, it has become a must-to-have app for everyone who likes to commute on a daily basis. If these types of helpful updates continue to be released by Google, it will become more difficult for its competitors such as Apple Maps to move ahead with Google Maps.
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