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Turo Vs Getaround This Turo Vs Getaround review focuses on features of both car renter apps and their comparison.

Now when cars are getting more affordable each day, and the standard of lives are increasing simultaneously, car owners are increasing in numbers. And, if we think practically, owning a car does not mean owners are going to drive them regularly. For many owners, their cars stay parked inside the garage for hours or even days.

Well, this issue opened a new market opportunity for the best automotive apps. Thus, now they are offering you money for the exchange of using your car to offer services. The process is simple- get your car registered and reviewed, then rent it through the car rental app and earn money. A few of these car rental apps such as Turo also offer insurance values for the car so the deal stays risk-free for you.

The US has two major car-sharing companies in the competition with each other. Therefore, it might be confusing for the people to pick the actual better one. To help with the same, in this blog, we are discussing a comparison review of Turo Vs Getaround. We will discuss their features, popularity, market coverage, and other factors to figure out which one is the best amongst both.

So, without further delay, let’s begin!

Introduction to Turo Vs Getaround

Before we proceed further and begin the comparison, let’s have a look at the introduction for both car-sharing apps



Turo started its journey in 2010 as RelayRides in Boston by Shelby Clark. In the same year, this peer-to-peer car rental service expanded itself to San Francisco, California, and made a headquarter there. Later, in 2012, the service was announced nationwide. To reflect the long-term rental policy, RelayRides changed its name to Turo in November 2015. And later, in 2016- 17, it expanded its market to Canadian provinces - Alberta, Ontario, and Quebec. In 2016, the UK witnessed Turo’s launch as well.



Just like Turo, Getaround is also a peer-to-peer car-sharing service. The car rental service was founded in 2009 by Sam Zaid, Jessica Scorpio, and Elliot Kroo. The car rental service is headquartered in San Francisco, California as well. Moreover, in 2012, Getaround expanded its services in Portland, Oregon. The carsharing app has a partnership with a few reputed names such as Softbank, City CarShare, and Federal Highway Administration, among others. Right now, Getaround has a network of more than 20,000 cars globally with a user network of more than five million users.

Features of Turo vs Getaround

Now, when we know a little bit more about these car rental apps, let’s have a look at the features Turo and Getaround offer. These features will help us in comparing them to decide which one has better features to offer.

Features of Turo

  • Turo is a peer-to-peer car rental service. It means you can remotely rent a car anytime
  • This best app to rent cars get the car delivered to your doorstep whenever you want
  • It does not allow hourly rental but only day rental
  • You can earn around $25/ day and more
  • The minimum age requirement to register is 21 in the US
  • There is no membership fee for the registration
  • The owner can charge extra to deliver the car
  • The renter can also go to the cars’ location to pick them up and save delivery charges
  • The owner can also pick up the car for some extra bucks
  • The late fee charge is $50/hour in the US

Features of Getaround

  • Just like Turo, Getaround is a peer-to-peer rental service as well
  • Getaround follows hourly and day rental schemes
  • The minimum age requirement is 19
  • You can make up to $5/ hour and more
  • The hourly mileage limit is set up to a maximum of 20/ rental hour
  • There is no membership fee in this app either
  • Renter will have to travel to the car to pick it up
  • After the ride, the renter is required to deliver the car to the pickup location
  • The car delivery option is not available
  • The late fee is $50/hour in the US

Turo vs Getaround- Where to download?

Well, both of these apps are available on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. You can also download the installation files from their respective websites.





iOS Android

Turo vs Getaround- Pros and Cons

To understand which car rental app can be considered as the best app to rent cars, we will have to look into the pros and cons these apps come with. Thus, moving forward, we are discussing these pros and cons separately.

Pros of Turo

  • Turo has more than 14 million users. Thus, the probability of your car getting rented is very high
  • Turo is famous even outside the US
  • This best app to rent cars is available in 56 countries
  • The app is trusted by more than 450,000 car owners
  • In the US, Turo offers third-party liability insurance from Liberty Mutual for an amount up to $750,000
  • Turo allows car deliveries and pick-up from different locations
  • 24*7 customer support is available to guide users through

Cons of Turo

  • The commission fee varies between 15 to 40% which is high compared to its competitors
  • You can not contact the ride owners before confirming the booking
  • Most people face troubles in contacting the customer support
  • Compared to Getaround, it is less profitable

Pros of Getaround

  • The app is simply more profitable than Turo due to its hourly rental feature
  • Getaround offers 24*7 road assistance
  • There is no membership fee for car owners
  • You can make up to $45/ per hour, depending on the model or your vehicle and other factors
  • The app has a $1,000 per incident damage policy which will be paid by the renter
  • If renter makes parking violations, they are responsible for the cost as well
  • No violations done by the renter will affect owners’ records
  • The app ensures renters with a $1 million preliminary insurance

Cons of Getaround

  • The app still has to expand its coverage in many cities. In short, the market size is still not as large as Turo
  • There is no pickup or drop delivery option for renters
  • For renters, the app is costlier compared to Turo

Turo vs Getaround- User rating

Both car rental apps are quite popular in the app stores. Therefore we have also taken Turo and Getaround reviews submitted by the users on these platforms into consideration. Let’s have a look at the user ratings Turo and Getaround received.

Turo vs Getaround

Turo vs Getaround - Locationwise availability

To understand the market coverage, it is crucial to know if these apps are available everywhere or not.

Turo- Turo is available in the US, in Canadian Provinces like Alberta, Quebec, British Columbia, Nova Scotia, Ontario, and in the UK. As the service expands, other regions will start showing the availability of the app.

Getaround- As per the official website of Getaround, it is available in the US, France, Spain, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Norway, the UK, and the Netherlands. The company is still expanding its market coverage to more regions for now.

To conclude- Picking one winner is not easy

After going through every piece of information regarding these top app development companies for the car renting vertical, it is clear that the competition is tough. But now as we are talking about the rental aspects, we can consider Getaround as the clear winner. The reason is the financial perks it provides. On top of that, your car can make money based on hours and still be available for personal use. So that gives Getaround an advantage over its competitors.


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