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best navigation app To compare between, Waze vs Google Maps, both apps are trusted by millions of people for daily outings and long trips.

Planning those trips is fun and everything, but without a proper map of the route, it might get risky to be lost. At some places getting lost is fun, but not always. Now while making the list of car apps that you might need throughout the trip, you need to pick a perfect navigation app as well that does not abandon you at the time of need. Offline maps, alternate routes, traffic situations, and more are just a few of the many examples that make a navigation app worthy of being trusted.

Now, Apple Maps and Google Maps are the top names that pop up in the mind of the majority of people as soon as they need navigation apps. But, here is a genuine question- Can we always trust the Google Maps app? Or, can we also look for alternatives of the best navigation apps for Android and iOS such as Waze live map to entrust with routes to our destinations? But then another question arises, should I trust Waze or Google Maps, and why? To answer these questions, we are comparing Google Maps vs Waze app by taking a few factors into account. So, let’s not waste more time, and begin right away with the discussion.

Features Waze vs Google Maps in 2021

The first thing that comes to mind whenever there is a comparison between two apps, is their features. Features are the reason why we trust an app, especially when it has a crucial role to play. Not only the comfort of the trip, but a wrong navigation app can also jeopardize the safety of the user.

1. Google Maps vs Waze - Offline maps

Google Maps vs Waze

Now, the main feature that ensures that you are on the right track is offline maps. These offline maps, as the name suggests, can be downloaded to access them even without an internet connection. With the help of the GPS tracker, you can still figure out where you are heading if you have maps saved. But, the major difference between Waze and Google Maps is that Google Maps has the feature of downloading maps offline, but Waze does not.

Among Waze vs Google Maps in 2021, Waze does not have the ability to let you download maps offline. So, in this category, you can figure out that Google Maps easily takes the cup. Waze, the best navigation app for iPhone and Android devices, requires a live internet connection all the time while you are using the app. Thus, it might be risky to keep this best map app as a travel companion, especially if you are visiting remote areas.

2. Google Map vs Waze: Accessibility

Google Maps vs Waze

Is Waze better than Google Maps in terms of accessibility? Which app is much easier to use and more  user-friendly? Let’s have a look. If you have used Google Maps, the best map app before, you know it allows you to control it with voice commands.

Also, you can use the app without having to see it on the screen with the help of a voice-based guide that keeps telling you about the routes such as turns, diversions, and more. Now, the interesting thing is, Waze map download also allows you to access voice guides to ensure that you are having a smooth riding experience. So, in short, this round of the comparison between Waze or Google Maps is tied.

3. Google Maps vs Waze: Additional features

Apart from showing maps and routes, how many additional features are there in Google Map vs Waze also ensure their usability. Another crucial difference between Waze and Google Maps is that they have their own special additional features. Waze app download offers you locations of cheap fuel stations, integrated music players, live traffic updates. But Google Maps has street views, live map updates as well, roadblock information, and much more. Google Maps is still a clear winner as an amazing navigation app.

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In the end, among Waze live map and Google Maps, it is clear that Google Maps still leads the market and might remain a winner for quite some time. If we look at the features of the Waze live app, it is amazing, but from the perspective of a map companion, Google Maps offers more reliability.

Offline maps, locations of important landmarks such as metro stations, petrol pumps, public restrooms, restaurants, everything that can make your trip more comfortable, Google Maps has that. So, the answer to the question- Which is better - Google Maps or Waze, we will definitely go with Google Maps. We recommend using Google maps to download maps for long trips because it has many more benefits that you can use even outside the US region.

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