5G and IoT Revolution Is Coming: What Should You Expect?

This article discusses the benefits of IoT and 5G in the coming future and how it will change the world.

5G and IoT Revolution

After a considerable amount of hype and anticipation, 5G or the fifth generation of mobile technology is finally becoming a reality. By offering downloading speeds up to 10 times faster than current LTE networks, 5G can send data to and from as many as a million devices per square kilometer. When we combine 5G with IoT devices, we move towards a technological revolution where multiple devices can connect, exchange and share information, and deliver a seamless experience for users.

IoT or the Internet of Things refers to the billions of devices around the world that can collect and share data over the internet. Connecting up all these devices and adding sensors to them adds a level of digital intelligence to them, enabling real-time data communication without involving a human being.

The number of IoT devices is projected to grow from 7 billion in 2018 to 22 billion by 2025. According to a report by Gartner, there will be 26 times more connected things than people by 2020, while McKinsey reports that globally, every second, another 127 devices are connected to the internet. With 5G, the performance and reliability of these connected devices are touching new levels every day.

Moving further, let’s discuss the benefits of IoT, how will 5g impact iot, and what we can expect as 5G and IoT are coming to our homes, buildings, and even in space, too.

Connected vehicles: With the 5G-powered IoT systems, we would be able to drive safe and autonomous vehicles pretty soon. As per a report by Gartner, the automotive industry will be the largest market opportunity for 5G IoT solutions by 2023. This is one of the top 5g and iot use cases.

The adoption of 5G and IoT together will allow autonomous vehicles to guide themselves and collect real-time data about the health and performance of a vehicle. 5g iot applications also include automated repair facilities that could track the condition of the oil in a vehicle’s engine and notify the owner about the same with this 5G and IoT revolution coming in our lives. 

5G and IoT

While manufacturers and other software and robotic companies have been constantly making efforts to put commercially viable self-driving vehicles on public roads for years, the 5G revolution provides new opportunities to deploy autonomous driving applications that achieve the autonomous driving levels 4 and 5 mentioned by Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE). Potential use cases of 5g revolution include remote autonomous vehicle control on any road, in any conditions, without human intervention.

Connected Healthcare: With faster 5G network speed, the healthcare industry could revolutionize in a way never seen before. It would become easier for the doctors to treat their patients remotely with less to no risk posed by network blackouts, lag time, and time to time disconnections. Not only this, the 5G revolution could also speed the adoption of remote medical services and procedures such as performing remote robotic surgery and swift consultations. 5G IoT applications would not only save money but also save lives. This rapid adoption of 5Gand IoT would also encourage patient awareness and empower the new age population towards better health.

5G and IoT

Smart cities: 5G and IoT devices could help create smart cities to enhance the lives of citizens. For instance, if you are a resident of an IoT-equipped city powered by 5G, you could receive real-time notifications of available parking locations to the mall you’re going to. Moreover, integrating artificial intelligence and video analytics could result in adjustments to traffic signals and traffic flows, reducing congestion and travel times.

Manufacturing and connected products: The manufacturing industry is going to benefit a lot from 5G and IoT. These technologies would allow manufacturers to create new connected products that weren’t available before. In addition, 5G and IoT will enable smart factories in which data from sensors could increase production efficiency and reduce energy consumption. Thus, saving costs for businesses. According to Oracle Communications’ report, 80% of 265 business leaders in 11 countries believe the 5G revolution will reduce costs while generating new revenue streams.

Smart homes: This wave of 5G revolution and IoT revolution has changed the way we live. With 5G and the Internet of Things, our day-to-day lives will become much easier due to the invention of automated grocery lists, tracking devices, and streamlining favorite entertainment from anywhere. In case there is any theft or breaking at homes, we could receive real-time notifications with 5G IoT  devices.


Thanks to 5G and Internet of Things for turning our dreams into reality. The implementation of such new technologies will not only improve the quality of life, but also save costs and generate more revenue in the long run. The healthcare, automotive and manufacturing industries will benefit the most from such technological revolution. People could receive treatment anytime and anywhere and they could travel with much ease and comfort in driverless cars. However, still, there is a lot of time before we can enjoy the benefits of 5G and Internet of Things as the trials and testing are still in the initial stages. In case you want to read more about 5G and IoT or want to list your company in our top IoT App Development Companies Report, get in touch. We will be glad to help you!

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