Swipeby Launches AI Text-to-Photo Tool for Restaurants to Boost Online Orders

Swipeby has launched an AI text-to-photo tool called Snapshot. Using a list of ingredients and other details, the AI tool can create custom images of meals.

Swipeby, has launched Snapshot

Swipeby, has launched Snapshot, an AI text-to-photo app that generates images of menu items based on descriptions of the food.

Using a list of ingredients and other details, the AI tool can create custom images of meals, including the color of the plate they’re served on. Swipeby noticed that 80% of its clients don’t have photos for the majority of menu items on their websites, and high-quality food photos can increase orders on restaurant delivery apps by 35%, according to a survey from Snappr.

Swipeby founder Carl Turner says, “We see this in our own metrics and accounts. If you have pictures, you drive more orders. Conversion goes up, ticket size goes up. Every metric you could think about will be positively influenced for an ecommerce transaction.”

The cost of food photography is too high for many small restaurants, making it difficult to constantly update incoming menu items with new photos. Michael’s on Main Cafés, a chain with more than two dozen locations in Illinois, began working with Swipeby during the pandemic when it was in search of a platform to provide online and hands-free ordering to its customers.

The images have come out enticing for customers, says Michael Delisi, director of operations of Noteable Events Productions, operator of Michael’s on Main Cafés, and they are hoping they continue to make mouths water. Some may question the accuracy of AI-generated food photos and whether they will be accepted by delivery platforms.

However, Turner claims that the images are surprisingly accurate, accounting for all details including any additional ingredients or toppings. While DoorDash typically rejects unrealistic photos, such as stock images that aren't taken by the restaurant, Turner believes that will change in six months, as AI generation makes sense.

In conclusion, Snapshot is an exciting development for restaurants looking to boost their online orders and engagement with customers. With AI-generated images, they no longer have to worry about the high cost of food photography and can showcase their menu items more effectively, making mouths water and driving sales.

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